Page 49 of 365 – Nothing For Granted

I’m grateful for hearing the birds sing songs that forebode springtime already and the beautiful weather outside, sun shining through my windows and turning the sky all fiery when it started melting into the horizon, birthing a starry night sky and this beautiful waxing crescent moon… 🌒 Grateful for all you beautiful beings that went for a walk for me or sent me yoga snaps. This experience really deepens the appreciation for my body. For how it carries me in this lifetime. Being a home for my soul in this time space reality. I want to protect this state like a treasure, plan to consciously give thanks daily and not take anything for granted it does for me.

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Page 48 of 365 – Patience With Me

I‘m grateful for all the small challenges that come with this injury. Like hopping down all the stairs from my apartment in the fifth floor. Like walking with crutches at first. Like taking a shower with this huge cast. Like people getting annoyed because you are in there way. Like not really being able to carry anything. Like the incredible pain that woke me up yesterday morning. I’m so grateful for these because they test me. They demand patience. And so much self love.  Continue reading

Page 47 of 365 – Learning My Lessons

I‘m grateful for the beautiful souls that are there for me right now. Yes situations like this truly reveal who we can rely on. Not just when it’s pretty. Not just when it serves them. I value every word and act of support so damn much. Like @marenschiller calling me and telling exactly what I needed to hear just when I started to lose my positivity after long hours alone at the emergency department. Or @hiekimyoga for visiting me there as he was at the hospital too. Or @marinathemoss offering to come here and take care of me. Beyond grateful for everyone who took the time to send me a private message and their best wishes. I‘m especially grateful for my mom driving me home and helping me to get food for the next few days. I was planning to get home alone (taxi + train ride) and was so relieved when she picked me up… Continue reading

Page 46 of 365 – Broken Foot

Uff – life is testing me right now. On Thursday I slipped on wet stairs, fell down and hurt my foot. It’s technically very bad timing (ok when is it not) as yesterday was super important, not just for me but also for @lindaboese. Somehow I managed to stay positive and push through, finish the job and go to the hospital right afterwards. Diagnosis: bone fracture. Prognosis: uncertain.  Continue reading

Page 44 of 365 – Spiritual Healing

Holy – yesterday was intense!!! I had a spiritual healing session in the evening and it was such a magical and transformative experience. You guys know how much I’m interested in these things and I’m SOOO beyond grateful that my mental health struggles alongside other factors forced me to dig deeper 🔮 It was through my pain and darkest times that I realized – no REMEMBERED that we are in fact all spiritual eternal beings having a human experience.

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Page 40 of 365 – All That Is

I‘m grateful for Alster walks. For summer memories and winter stories. For when friendship organically grows. For childhood wounding forcing us to step up. To dig deeper. For the deep longing for harmony. But having learnt to stay neutral. Grateful for what is. Everything. The good and the so called bad. For meetings that spark fires. Ideas starting to form, fueled by real purpose. Charged with passion. For discerning more clearly. For building up my team. For people that share my values. That simply get it. Fucking grateful for what’s to come. #jjgratitudebook

Page 39 of 365 – We For Us is back

I‘m grateful for dreams coming true ✨ Since early childhood when I visited South Africa for the first time… and then reignited by a day trip during a vacation in Senegal at age 10 when we visited a small village and a school there…
Fall 2014 was when I wrote it down as one item of my „longterm goals“ list in a diary: helping in Africa 🌍 During the last few years of learning, growing & recovery it has always been somewhere on my mind – but it was January first this year when I wrote it down as one major aim for 2018 ⭐️ And it didn’t even took 2 weeks until it started unfolding.

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