Page 29 of 365 – Space To Be

I’m grateful for memories not yet created. For silent “I’m here for you”s. For space to create. To hold. To be. To love.

I’m grateful for not being fine with mediocre, for craving more. More you and me. More real connection. More falling in love with life and love itself. I’m grateful for selflessness in my actions. For my genuine excitement for the smallest things. Grateful for being emotional in this world that seems numb and desensitized…

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Page 27 of 365 – Possibility Of Us


I’m grateful for wings spread to fly even higher than ever imagined. That we need to let free what we love and how it then suddenly is just there. Here to stay. How detaching and choosing to act from a place of deep appreciation has opened the possibility of an us I never dared to dream about. For that bliss of realizing that real love doesn’t demand, doesn’t push, doesn’t expect.
F o r e v e r not being an empty promise but the deepest truth my heart whispers into the night. For kisses to be given and words we don’t need to state. For trust never broken and respect deeply ingrained 🥀
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Page 26 of 365 – When It Just Clicks


I’m grateful for waking up in a hotel bed and the seconds just before the plane lands. Grateful for a beautiful 2. day in Paris, the opportunity to explore this city, for sunshine in our faces and all these streets and corners and stunning architecture. For all the “wow”s, for rain & sun at once.

For us girls bonding right away, so many wonderful & meaningful conversations, fuelled by real connection and authentic interest – which can be a very rare thing in this business, often being so superficial and competitive. For not traveling alone but being joined by @elenacarriere on this super chill flight back to Hamburg, for a drive on the taxi backseat through this city, smiling, overflowing. And the angels celebrating with me (& letting me know through numbers & synchronicities, yes I’m that weird.) Continue reading

Page 25 of 365 – Paris in love


I’m so grateful for my first ever trip to Paris, for being in the city of love, for when I heard @kris_the_cat’s voice in the lobby and ran to hug her tight, for having her back after we had to say bye in Venice last September, I’m grateful for sweet acquaintances and sweeter smiles, for lovely Paris vibes, for being invited to this amazing hotel, given such beautiful opportunities and most importantly: for the changes made by a big company, steps towards greener products, more sustainable packaging, natural herbal formulas – and no animal being tortured in the process. So grateful and relieved that change is happening!!!

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Page 9 of 365 – That Soulmate Fire


I’m grateful for how one 5 min call with that soul mate floods my entire body with endorphins, lets me smile so big, takes my vision for a moment, gets me dancing on the street. How some connections are just so profound, so real, so pure that they can’t be described in words, making me wonder what we were in past lives and who you’ll be when I meet you again, forever thankful for having you in my life as a friend. And as much as my heart broke into bits back then – in recognizing you I found pieces of myself, in loving you I found home and in losing you my art…

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Page 8 – Goosebumps Conversations

Today I am grateful for ice flowers on my window this morning, my gigantic red scarf keeping me warm, for a ginger tea date with @travelrunplay, no smalltalk, just diving right in, deep into all the things that I am passionate about, astrology and energies and perception and growth and quantum physics and healing and love, real love, universal love, compassion (+therefor veganism) and femininity and consciousness and community and connection.  Continue reading