Untethering | I guess this is a life update


Hey beautiful souls ♥︎

It has been quiet on here for the last weeks because I was so in the midst of something that I could hardly find words to describe what was going on but at the same time I could not focus which made it impossible to simply write about any of the other topics I have in the pipeline to share with you. I felt just really lost and somewhat stuck.

And after weeks of fighting it and trying to find answers and explanations I finally was able to surrender to the process, to fully embrace the transformation that is taking place. It was ugly, it was messy. Sleepless nights, attempts to numb the troubling emotions, physical symptoms of extreme burn out,… even suicidal thoughts creeped back in.

Right now everything is shifting and I am experiencing a massive breakthrough. So much is starting to make sense! And not just on a mind level, not because I can explain it rationally, but deeper: on a soul level I see veils lifting and an infinite amount of beautiful divine light is shining in. There is so much energy within me – I feel so vast, so free, so full, so huge. I experienced states like this before, glimpses of this immense power and light – but this is a new level…

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Page 39 of 365 – We For Us is back

I‘m grateful for dreams coming true ✨ Since early childhood when I visited South Africa for the first time… and then reignited by a day trip during a vacation in Senegal at age 10 when we visited a small village and a school there…
Fall 2014 was when I wrote it down as one item of my „longterm goals“ list in a diary: helping in Africa 🌍 During the last few years of learning, growing & recovery it has always been somewhere on my mind – but it was January first this year when I wrote it down as one major aim for 2018 ⭐️ And it didn’t even took 2 weeks until it started unfolding.

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Page 34 of 365 – Nurturing

I‘m grateful for ritual, for burning incense and sitting in silence, only one candle illuminating my room, 432hz playing, resonating in my body. I‘m grateful for revisiting situations that hurt me, for inner child encounters, for reaching my arms out and holding her right, for healing affirmations and long held asanas, breathing deep into my human form, giving thanks for it being my temple in this lifetime.

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Page 31 of 365 – Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

I’m grateful for beautiful luna shining so so bright tonight, keeping me awake, hypnotizing & fascinating me, for moon gazing on my balcony, celebrating this charged super blue moon lunar eclipse, the incredibly intense energies created by this special cosmic event, the portals this opens to catapult us further, speed up the processes taking place within, us tapping into our individual power and rising as a collective. The perfect time to unleash what no longer serves us, to forgive and let go what holds us back, whether it’s a karma we need to clear, an open argument to solve or the internal abuse we so often do to ourselves.

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Page 30 of 365 – Always Where We Need To Be

I‘m grateful for a goal written down in my journal 3.5 years ago, another one from this magical list, now coming to fruition, intention set, surrendered, allowed ✨ .
Tears of joy when I think about an upcoming adventure, making plans for a heart project I’ll share with you guys super soon. Bringing back to life a mission, an idea, now tying so beautifully into everything, for having let this sleep until the right possibility comes up, trusting myself and the universe, for that we are all one, for that everything has divine timing – and we are always were most need to be. Continue reading