Let’s talk about periods

ANZEIGE // German version below

Hey my loves! ♥︎

I haven’t posted on here for a while as I am sharing on Instagram daily and write these super long captions on there – but it’s time to reawaken the blog because some topics just need more space! Today I want to talk to you about a very personal subject: periods!


As most of you might know this topic is very close to my heart as I have been struggling with amenorrhea for a while now and still work on getting my period back after having the gynefix copper coil for a few years. The whole healing journey has not only been about detoxing my body and rebalancing my hormones but also about reconnecting to my femininity. I experienced sexual abuse in the past and for me being feminine was subconsciously connected to being (ab)used. After certain traumatic experiences I actually started to completely dissociate from my body and my femininity.

I have been working on untying this and healing this trauma by releasing the painful emotions. The relationship to my body and my femininity has already changed incredibly and I have learned so much in this process. I actually do feel grateful for every chapter of my journey and I know that even (or rather especially) the most challenging experiences have their purpose. It’s part of my mission to turn my pain into medicine for not only myself but others. We can only truly help if we understand suffering – and what I experienced in my life has installed deep empathy and compassion into my being and served as fuel for my mission here…


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How You Can Become A Beesaver (Part I)


How incredibly important bee activism is became only really apparent to me when I was invited to be a part of the REWE campaign “Let’s give bees a home” and started educating myself properly on this subject. Therefore I am more than happy about this collaboration and for the opportunity to use my platform for such an important cause!!


Wie wichtig das Thema Bienenschutz wirklich ist, wurde mir erst bewusst, als ich mich im Rahmen der Kampagne “Gemeinsam geben wir Bienen ein Zuhause” eingehend damit beschäftigt habe. Aus diesem Grund freue ich mich sehr über diese Kooperation mit REWE und die Möglichkeit, meine Reichweite hier so sinnvoll nutzen zu können und euch auf dieses Thema aufmerksam zu machen.

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Let’s talk about inner beauty

True beauty comes from within. That’s nothing new – yet we get swept away by all these expectations we place on ourselves to look a certain way and fit society’s beauty standards. We spend so much energy focusing on superficial things, failing to actually take care of our inner self. But only when we say YES to ourselves – in every possible aspect, when we cultivate that self love, only then we can shine from within.


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Brother-Sister-Day ♥︎

Familie kommt bei mir absolut an erster Stelle. Vor allem da ich im Moment so viel unterwegs bin, versuche ich in der Zeit zwischen meinen Reisen möglichst viel mit meinen Liebsten zu machen. Diese Tage sind dann wirklich wie “Batterien-Aufladen” und tun mir unglaublich gut. Die letzten Jahre waren sehr turbulent und da bin ich heute umso dankbarer, wie gut das Verhältnis zu meiner Family ist. Es war bestimmt nicht immer leicht, aber harte Zeiten schweißen zusammen…

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Das ist vielleicht mal Thema für einen anderen Blogpost, aber heute wollte ich euch von meinem Bruder-Schwester-Tag letzten Samstag erzählen.

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Welcome ♥

Oh, I am so happy right now. My own website. A blog. The start of something new (immediately had to think about High School Musical, anyone else? hahahh).

A website was in my head for a really long time now but blogging?

Well, I love writing. I love sharing my thoughts with you. And I love creating recipes. Up until now I used Instagram for that purpose. And of course my Youtube videos. But I want more. More space. And no restricted captions. (You probably noticed that “read more” update on IG? – So annoying…)

I always had so much respect for blogging, I never thought I could do that. I always lose the thread. I always have way too many thoughts in my head. Would anyone even read what I write?

But hey, if you never try you’ll never know right? So last week I made the decision to start a blog. For my thoughts on certain topics, information about veganism, my passions, for my creative writing, for my photography, for my recipes and food tips. Just a place for all the things I love.

Welcome to jilicious-journey.com!

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