PBJ Pancakes (vegan & healthy!)


Ahh how much I love preparing food for other people! And especially when I can surprise them with how delicious and satisfying a healthy plantbased recipes can taste.

After over 3.5 years of being vegan I sometimes can’t believe that so many people still think this diet is restrictive and you basically chew on celery sticks all day. Far from! You can enjoy healthy but delicious vegan meals without missing out on anything. And honestly guys, I’m not the type of person that stands in the kitchen for hours, creating recipes with 76439 ingredients. All my meals are quite simple and I never weigh or measure anything!

So my friend Linda is staying with me at the moment and today I decided to make some vegan pancakes for her.

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Brownie Ice Cream Dream

Hello beautiful souls ♥︎

Today I am sharing with you the brownie nicecream recipe I created a few weeks ago. This is an absolute DREAM for every chocolate lover and will not only satisfy any sweet craving but also basically take you to food heaven. I promise! It’s absolutely simple to make, totally healthy and guilt free but so delectable that it can easily compete with every dairy ice cream.

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And if you ask me, it’s 100 times better because a) it’s so healthy that you can actually enjoy a huge bowl of it without fearing stomach pain or feeling heavy afterwards, b) it’s raw vegan made with only wholesome nutritious ingredients that are good for your body and c) it proves once again that nobody needs refined sugar or animal products to create a delicious dessert – well or breakfast, whenever you crave something chocolaty.

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