We live in a vibrational universe. Everything is energy and therefore everything – including you and me – has a certain frequency. Our thoughts, emotions and actions impact our vibration as well as everything we consume.


Especially, when it comes to food, our daily motor. Provamel believes in a world where food comes from the nature. It offers 100% plant-based, organic products that just includes what matters. Know what you eat and eat what you know – that’s how food can be your energy. @Provamel stands for products you can trust in, so let us all be part of the #TrustYouFood campaign. This campaign expresses the real story of Provamel, their strengths, their anchor and their promise to us. The promise is to trust your food.


But to trust in others, it’s fundamental that you trust in something that’s inside you. That’s why everybody should trust his own story. #TrustYourStory

I will tell you about mine.

Studying quantum physics and understanding how I can impact my own vibration has impacted my life drastically. I realized why certain rituals and routines like meditation and practicing gratitude have a specific effect on my wellbeing and energetic state. But it also gave me a completely new perspective on how I live my life.

We can only experience what we are a vibrational match to. There is not just one reality – but many overlapping versions of the now.

If we want to align with a desired experience we have to change our vibration to match it. You can really think of your frequency like a magnet – and we can choose to tune our consciousness according to what we wish to manifest. We cannot be, have, do, see or attain anything that we are not the vibration of. The frequencies we emit will shape our physical reality. So everything we think, feel and act has a boomerang effect.

If my vibration is high I feel grateful, aligned and full of love. I am connected to my inner voice and feel aligned with my soul. A lower vibrational state is related to feelings like anger, sadness and guilt. It can lead to attracting chaos and drama.

I choose to take time every day to raise my vibration – which then allows me to trust that I will attract experiences and people into my life that are in alignment with that higher vibration. Plus of course my own frequency radiates out to who I spend time with. I intend to give something positive to anyone I encounter. Really connecting with others and making them feel seen and heard is just so beautiful and meaningful…

I am personally not a fan of the whole “just think positive” talk and the emphasis on avoiding anything “negative”. Our subconscious makes up 95-97% of our choices and actions. Limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions lower our vibration like crazy! The more we neglect those, the more resistance we build – and what we resist persists, which means they actually become stronger.

Emotions that get stuck in our bodies often manifest as physical symptoms or at least cause a lot of inner turmoil. So for me shadow work is a key component of what I do to raise my vibration.

Shadow aspects are often created in our first years of life. Through conditioning and socialising we are taught what is accepted and what isn’t. In order to fit in and feel loved we suppress certain parts of ourselves that seem unacceptable. This actually causes inner fragmentation.

We cannot just get rid of those aspects when we neglect them. They will hide in the dark corners of our minds and cause mental or physical problems.

As long as we have unexpressed emotions within we will continue to attract certain situations that match those frequencies.

Until we finally stop neglecting them, stop running from our darkness but actually turn towards it and embrace whatever we may find there.

Once we release the resistance we can actually heal those fragmented parts and reintegrate what we once avoided. FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.

That way we become a more unified version of ourselves and our frequency rises. At the end those parts are just younger versions of our self that scream for our attention. That is why inner child work is so powerful. Spiritually spoken, the more we integrate our shadow aspects the more light and love we can hold and then radiate.

Besides shadow work, here are my favourite ways to raise my vibration:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • breath work
  • praying
  • journaling, writing gratitude lists
  • speaking affirmations
  • chanting mantras
  • singing and dancing
  • listening to binaural beats and certain frequencies
  • spending time in nature / consciously interacting with nature: listening to the birds, smelling flowers, walking barefoot / grounding, hugging trees (haha I mean it!!)
  • laughing
  • hugging yourself
  • smudging and using essential oils
  • self-care, e.g. taking a bath, self-massage with oil
  • intuitive movement and exercise
  • gardening and harvesting fruits / herbs / vegetables
  • preparing and eating high vibrational foods
  • reading spiritual texts / poems
  • listening to channeled texts
  • smiling at strangers
  • eye gazing
  • watching the stars
  • any kind of ritual / ceremony, e.g. intention setting around new moon or cacao ceremonies – The intention you have when doing certain things is absolutely key and impacts your vibration so much. A simple way to try this is to consciously give thanks for your meal and bless it before you start eating. A simple act like that can have a big impact.
  • consciously connecting to the heart space
  • entering a flow state, e.g. through creating art or playing
  • spending time with people that make you feel seen / that inspire you
  • sharing vulnerably
  • selfless service / giving from the heart
  • accepting what is

Other things that impact your vibration are for example the clothes you wear (e.g. fast fashion items versus sustainable clothes), the music you listen to, the places you visit, the movies or shows you watch and of course the words you use.

So here are some things I personally try to avoid as they lower my vibration:

  • watching the news
  • watching horror movies or anything super violent (our mind does not differentiate between what you actually experiences and what you just watch or imagine!)
  • consuming certain drugs (including alcohol)
  • cursing
  • too little sleep
  • electro smog
  • living in the mind / worrying
  • gossiping
  • lying / untruthfulness / exaggerating
  • clutter in your home
  • staying in situations that don’t serve you
  • holding on to people that keep letting down
  • identifying with illness
  • judgments towards myself or others, negative self talk
  • toxic products
  • junk foods / highly processed foods (more on this below)
  • focusing on lack
  • comparing with others

I love starting my day with certain routines to raise my vibration right away and thereby set the tone for the whole day.

I usually start with a quick cold shower (looove the feeling afterwards and it has so many health benefits), do some yoga and breathing exercises and then sit down for my meditation. My meditation area started with a pillow and a candle. Now I have a full altar with oracle cards, crystals, a tuning fork (tuned to the frequency of “Om”), feathers and other items that carry a high frequency. Even just sitting down there impacts my energetic state. It has become my little sanctuary – and every time I do a ritual there I create more of that high vibrational energy.

Journaling is also a beloved practice of mine. I love setting a timer to 10-15 mins or pick a goal of for example three pages – and then I just start writing whatever is currently present without any filtering. I just get it all on paper which gifts me with so much clarity and often helps to identify certain belief patterns or even access stuck emotions.

Many of you might remember the gratitude journal I started at the beginning of 2016. Every night I wrote a post about my day and shared what I am grateful for. That actually sharpened my perception for all the little things we often overlook – and I increasingly felt deeply grateful for life.

I remember how after a few months I suddenly often caught myself thinking “wow I am so grateful right now” – when before I was often struggling with severe depression and anxiety.

Understanding vibration has also impacted my whole mindset and how I approach life in general. I started to really take responsibility for everything that happens in my life, knowing that whatever I experience is a direct reflection of my inner state.

But I also have become so much more appreciative of everything and always try to take the highest possible perspective on whatever happens. It is so true: Life is what we make it!

Of course it is important to hold space and express certain emotions that arise in challenging situations. In fact that can be a key to healing and lead the way to deep rooted issues or even past life / karmic patterns. But then it is time to move on and not dwell in those feelings.

I learned that the more I surrender to whatever Life has planned for me and let go of any ideas of what should happen instead the more magic I experience. We can live life either from the ego or aligned with our essence. The first can be compared to swimming upstream, while the latter enables an effortless dance.

By the way: the more aligned I am and the higher my vibration is the more synchronicities I experience. Those can be repeating numbers, certain symbols or words popping up everywhere or magical encounters with animals…


What we put into our bodies impacts our frequency as well. “You are what you eat” gets a whole new meaning when we understand that everything we consume has a direct effect on our energetic state – which then affects our whole reality.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a much higher vibration than processed foods and animal products.

Adopting a whole foods plant based lifestyle five years ago not only benefited my health, but truly opened many doors for me and had a huge ripple effect in all areas of my life. Questioning the food industry and how we treat those sentient beings as well as our beautiful home planet has broadened my perspective in other areas as well. The relationship to my body and my environment shifted completely.

No longer ingesting lower vibrational food products but instead really nourishing my body allowed me to rise my frequency before even learning about energy and quantum physics. I suddenly attracted beautiful opportunities and likeminded people into my life when before I felt stuck and disconnected. New books and other resources found their way into my life and I dove deep into all things mindfulness and spirituality.

Filling my plate with real “living” foods full of life energy is a big part of my self-care routine. I can’t imagine going back!


My favourite meals are loved infused dishes shared with friends or family – or fruit picked from the tree.

When I choose to consume more processed items I make sure to buy organic, non-gmo products. Provamel is one of the brands I trust. I love their transparency around where the ingredients come from and how they are sourced – namely according to strict environmental guidelines and when possible locally.

Plus I love their whole brand philosophy and how they spread a message of cruelty free natural nutrition that is not just serving our health but helps to make this world a better place. That is so in alignment with my values and gives me a save feeling. Provamel stands for trust and authenticity.


I used their new sugar free oat drink for my turmeric lattes with adaptogen herbs lately and it is SO GOOD! Save to say it has become my favourite evening treat…

Guys, I am actually sitting here with a huge smile on my face right now – I loved sharing about my personal trust anchor #TrustYourVibration. I could actually write a whole book on this, because there are so many ways that this concept impacts my life…

But now it’s your turn. I would love to invite you to join our movement on Instagram. We stand for truth, responsible actions and authentic intentions. There is so much value in identifying what gives you faith and strength in life. When you can trust yourself and your choices, you positively impact the whole course of your life. So what is your #Trust? The best way to share your story is by posting a picture with the trust gesture (click here to see mine) and then explaining it in the caption.

Tag me in your post as well as using the hashtag #TrustYourStory so I don’t miss it. I am so excited to read your stories!!

Under all posts @provamel and I will be giving away five packages with one of the #Trust shirts and the new sugar free oat drink. To enter the giveaway you have to be over 18 years old and live in Germany.

Much love to you!

x Jil



4 thoughts on “#TrustYourVibration

  1. Gloria Terry says:

    “Know what you eat and eat what you know”. Thank you for reminding me about this. I have been struggling with this for the last months. I got out of my normal veg. and fruit eating habit to eating sweets and stuff I would normally not eat. Thanks alot


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