All About My #lebeleicht Cleanse

Hey my loves,

so as you know I’m currently stuck at home with my injured foot and last week I did a little cleanse with lots of green juice to help my body recover and detox. I received so many requests to share more information on what I did specifically so here you go!


My experience with Fasting

I know that (juice) fasting can be quite a controversial topic but I did a lot of research throughout the past few years and made my own experiences. Please remember that I am not (yet) a nutritionist, expert or doctor and as always I am not writing this to tell you what to do or what is “right” – I am simply sharing my experiences, trials and errors to maybe inspire you to look deeper into certain subjects or try new things for yourself.

I have tried out different forms of fasting before – with juices or water only, one day fasts and longer ones – and experienced physical as well as spiritual benefits. Early on I faced several health problems, took a heck lot of medication (especially antibiotics) while growing up and am still recovering from certain conditions and consequences. For me fasting has become a beautiful addition to my lifestyle and recovery process, it has helped me to better get to know my body and also greatly benefitted my spiritual journey.

However I strongly recommend to not just jump into whatever type of fasting without doing your own research or even consulting with a trained professional, especially when you are planning to do a longer fast! A cleanse like this should never be seen as a quick fix for health problems or weight loss but can definitely complement a healthy lifestyle or function as something like a reset when transitioning towards one.

After experimenting with shorter fasts I did my first longer one at the Almond Blossom Ibiza retreat last summer, where I received great support by my friend Ruby who is a trained detox specialist. For 7 days I drank only a bit of juice every day, combined with extended dry fasting over night, a lot of hatha yoga, spiritual practice, energy healing, my first ever colonic and more. Let me know if you are interested in a blogpost on the retreat program and my experience – it was such a magical week and I would be happy to share more about it.

Why a cleanse?

This time is what not a real juice cleanse / fast as I also incorporated smoothies and steamed veggies because I wanted to ensure that my body still got enough calories to heal the injury. I did not make any fixed rules when I started and tried to listen to my intuition and “body wisdom” to not work against my body but hand in hand with it. Maybe my approach to this can inspire you to create your own little protocol!

Why I even felt the need to “cleanse”? Well, my body pretty much begged me for it.
I usually do not take any conventional medication anymore and have a very negative opinion of the pharmaceutical industry, especially after doing extensive research into holistic health and formed by my own experiences. But when I broke my foot a few weeks ago I took pain medication and also received thrombosis injections that I inevitably had to take every day.

My already weakened body reacted quite negatively especially because I am not used to medication anymore and still in the process of detoxing my liver and healing my gut from many years of antibiotic use, the contraceptive pill, many vaccines as a child, laxative (ab)use and more. Speaking of vaccines – I also got a vaccine shot in February, the only one I picked from a range of shots I was informed to get for Kenya…

So with all that on top of my adrenal fatigue symptoms and the lack of movement, sunshine and fresh air caused by the injury I felt pretty mehh and decided to create my own little cleanse.

I reached out to my friends at Lebeleicht, a wonderful little juice bar and cafe in Hamburg, which is one of my favorite places stop at for a smoothie and the best (!) vegan brownie I’ve ever tasted or stock up on cold pressed juices, nut milks and superfood shots. If you live in Hamburg or plan to visit this beautiful city make sure to check it out! The food quality is incredible and they only use the best organic ingredients for their delicious vegan snacks and dishes. And if you do please try that raspberry pistacchio brownie – it’s raw and vegan and omg so freaking good!!

Usually a Lebeleicht cleanse consists of five juices per day (500ml each) plus one almond milk or veggie soup. I received 25 juices in total that lasted me for six days and after the third night I skipped the almond milk as it did not work well for my digestion during the cleanse.

I also added in celery juice almost every morning as that is an important part of my healing protocol at the moment, as well as green smoothies (consisting of banana, spinach, spirulina & barley grass juice powder) and steamed veggies whenever I felt like it. On the last evening I also had some lentils and buckwheat. So as you can see I tailored the cleanse to fit my own intentions and my body’s current needs.
While I intended to give my digestive system a little break, help my body flush out all the medication and flood my cells with the incredible amount of nutrients these juices have I wanted to ensure that my body gets in enough energy to heal the fracture and torn ligament. I also continued to take my supplements and herbs during the cleanse (- let me know if you want a blogpost explaining what I take currently and why).


The five juices I had were:
  • WAKE ME UP: apple, cucumber, lemon, mint & ginger (definitely one of my favorites as I am a big ginger lover!)
  • GREEN SUPREME: apple, fennel, cucumber, mangold, orange, spinach, spirulina
  • GREEN CURE: apple, pear, romaine, kale, mangold, coconut water
  • GRACIOUS GREEN: cucumber, romaine, spinach, lemon, mint (loooove this one!)
  • GREEN UP: apple, romaine, cucumber, pineapple, lime, ginger, wheatgrass

I started my days with the usual lemon water and had either my home made celery juice or the “wake me up” a few hours laters. Then another juice every 1 to 2 hours and in the evening a smoothie and / or some steamed spinach, beans, broccoli or carrots.

Why (green) Juices?

I picked green juices only as I have found these to work best for my body. When I drink juices that contain mostly fruits I tend to get blood sugar spikes.

The amount of fruits and veggies and especially greens that is used to makes these juices is hard to eat in their whole form so juices or smoothies are a natural and extremely efficient way to add in more vitamins and minerals.

For me it was also a wonderful option to get in different kinds of produce like kale or mangold, especially since I can not go to the market or grocery shopping at the moment and have to rely on the help of friends and family or a food delivery service that has limited options.

Your body can absorb the nutrients in juices way easier and faster because the insoluble fiber has been removed. The cells basically get flooded with vitamins, enzymes, minerals and phytonutrients. I don’t know about you but when I drink a good quality cold pressed juice I feel an instant health and energy boost. Plus I actually love the taste of even the greenest juices!

Benefits of Consuming Cold Pressed Juices
  • great way to increase the consumptions of veggies and fruit
  • fast absorption of nutrients
  • can help to restore pH balance
  • supports overall health
Possible benefits of Doing a Juice Cleanse
  • rests digestive system (minimal energy is spent on digestion)
  • rests and supports the liver, our main detoxifying organ
  • eliminates food cravings
  • helps with unhealthy eating patters
  • more time for other things
  • floods your body with tons of nutrients
  • more energy and clarity (usually after the first few days)
  • hydrates the body
  • reduces health problems, such as acne, headaches, pains, congested sinuses, bloating, gas, etc.
  • great challenge for the mind
  • deepens spiritual connection, raised conciousness
  • weight regulation

I would not advice to do a three day juice cleanse and then jump right back into consuming lots of processed foods. But juices in general can be such a wonderful addition to a balanced healthy diet consisting of whole plantbased ingredients. Long term your body does need insoluble fiber for good digestion and healthy blood sugar regulation. But when you feel like you want to reset your system and give your digestion a break a juice cleanse might be a good option.


After trying them myself I can highly recommend the juices by Lebeleicht . If you choose another brand make sure the juices are organic and cold pressed – and only durable for a few days!

If you own a juicer and have the time to make your own concoctions I would suggest to go heavy one the veggies and maybe go for a 4:1 vegetables / greens to fruit ratio.

Before starting something as extreme as a juice cleanse it is best to pre-cleanse for a few days beforehand to prepare your body. Depending on your current eating habits and lifestyle you could experience quite intense detox symptoms especially during the first three days of a juice fast.

A Few Tips For Preparation Phase:
  • make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • cut back on caffeine
  • focus your diet on fruits and vegetables
  • eliminate processed foods
  • check your mindset and intentions: (juice) fasts are not meant to be a way of punishing your body
  • prepare for the cleanse by either shopping all the ingredients or ordering the juices from a company
  • maybe inform your friends and family and ask for their support – maybe you can even inspire someone to join you
  • consider a check up with your healthcare practitioner, especially if you are pregnant or on medication or have an illness
Options to support your body during the cleanse:
  • warm lemon (+ginger) water first thing in the morning: very alkalising and detoxifying (make sure to sure organic lemons!)
  • drink lots of water during the day
  • consider supporting your kidneys and liver with herbal teas / herbs
  • remember to gently chew the juices instead of drinking them to fast
  • dry skin brushing (stimulates the lymph system & removes dead skin cells)
  • sweating: (infra-red) saunas are amazing!
  • massages (not just soothing for the mind but actually helping the detoxification process)
  • epsom salt baths
  • enemas or colonics
  • take time to reconnect and reflect: meditation, affirmations, journalling – Cleanses are a great opportunity to get to know yourself and your body better. You may find that emotional stuff surfaces during the cleanse. Be kind and patient with yourself ♥︎
  • walks or gentle yoga
  • at least 8 hours of sleep!
  • Don’t freak out when you are experiencing detox symptoms like tiredness, headache, skin breakouts, etc. Some health problems actually might get worse at first.
Post juice cleanse:
  • congratulate yourself!
  • slowly lean into solid foods: maybe start with smoothies or mono meals of fruit for breakfast and lunch, steamed veggies, soup or salad for dinner
  • avoid animal products, gluten, alcohol, processed and fried foods at least for the first days after the cleanse

Sooo, that’s it from me – have you tried a juice fast or any other type of fasting before? Or if not, is it something that you would like to try? I hope my tips can help you a little bit.

As always: if you have any questions or requests for future blog posts let me know in the comments below. You can also contact me via direct message on Instagram or preferably via mail:

Sending love! ♥︎




Disclaimer: This blogpost is not sponsored! 

12 thoughts on “All About My #lebeleicht Cleanse

  1. Lea Christin says:

    Sehr schöner Bericht Jil 🙂 Ich habe das Café auch schon besucht nachdem du immer so viel davon erzählt hast. Zufällig habe ich die letzte Woche so etwas ähnliches gemacht. Ich habe die letzten Wochen viel zu emotional gegessen und war nun eine Woche auf Malta und habe dort dann fast ausschließlich von Rohkost ernährt (mal abgesehen von den traditionellen, maltesischen Süßigkeiten die ich unbedingt kosten wollte und meiner geliebten Sojamilch) und es hat mir unglaublich gut getan. Ich crave nun wieder gesundes Essen. Gerade im Urlaub war es super praktisch da alles super einfach vorzubereiten war 🙂

    Alles Liebe, Lea von

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jil says:

      Hey liebe Lea, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich hab letztes Mal übrigens deinen Blog angeschaut und finde ihn super schön!! 🙂
      Das klingt super toll!! Wie hat dir Malta gefallen??
      Ich mag das auch total gerne im Urlaub, mich rohkostlich zu ernähren 🙂 Liebste Grüße!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oriana says:

    Liebe Jil,
    ich würde mich sehr sehr freuen über einen Blogpost von deiner Ibiza Retreat Woche 🙂
    danke für deinen Erfahrungsbericht von der Saftkur, finde es sehr gut dass du dir ein individuelles Programm daraus gebastelt hast. es inspiriert mich – selbst eine Saftkur zu beginnen, nachdem ich schon so lange darüber nachdenke….
    ich habe das Gefühl die Zeit ist jetzt endlich Reif für eine Veränderung!

    Alles Liebe


  3. Tina says:

    Liebe Jil,
    ich finde das Thema sehr spannend und habe gerne deine Erfahrungen gelesen. Allerdings möchte ich etwas anmerken… Du schriebst du seist weder Ernährungsberaterin noch Ärztin und würdest nur über deine eigenen Erfahrungen schreiben. Nun, warum fügst du dann hinzu, dass du dich von vielen Impfungen in der Kindheit erholen musst? Ja, Impfungen sind ein kontroverses Thema. Ja, es gibt neben dem Nutzen für die Gesellschaft auch leider Fälle von Impfschäden. Wenn man allerdings weiß, wie Impfungen funktionieren, dann sträubt sich alles bei der Behauptung sie hätten Leber und Darm negativ beeinflusst. Und du musst dir einfach bewusst sein, dass du damit viele Menschen beeinflusst bei einem Thema, bei dem dir verständlicherweise das Hintergrundwissen fehlt.
    Alles Gute für dich


    • Jil says:

      Hallo liebe Tina,
      Vielen Dank für dein kritischen Feedback.
      Das hätte ich vielleicht noch etwas besser erläutern müssen. Ich stehe Impfungen mittlerweile aus verschiedenen Gründen sehr kritisch gegenüber!! Inwieweit sie tatsächlich auch organisch Schäden / Spuren hinterlassen, ist umstritten, meiner Recherche nach aber definitiv im Nervensystem.
      Für dich auch alles Liebe.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. anoekreintjes says:

    This is so awesome Jill.
    I would absolutely love to do a cleanse or detox, however I am afraid it won’t happen till I live on my own. My parents already freak out when I only eat fruit for breakfast as they think it doesn’t fuel me enough.
    I would really like to see a post about the retreat in Ibiza. I think that a retreat like that is such an amazing experience, I would love to go there some day!
    Sending you a lot of love💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jil says:

      Dear Anoek, I’m always so happy to read your comments – thanks for your sweet support!!
      I can imagine that can be a struggle when your parents are not supportive in regards to diet and co. Have you tried to explain your intentions? But it’s also not worth to argue with them too much – family is so important.
      Maybe you can try to find a compromise that suits everyone. – and then do everything you want later.
      Much love to you!!

      Liked by 2 people

      • anoekreintjes says:

        Thank you so much for your reply.💕
        When I first became vegan and ate healthier me and my parents had a lot of arguments, which I found really difficult to deal with. Now they have accepted me being vegan and eating healthier which made our relationship way better. That makes it extra difficult for me to tell them that I don’t want to consume oil for example, because I know that they find that extreme. I don’t want to get back to argumenting all the time, but I also want to live the lifestyle I want because I know that it makes me feel the best. So
        maybe I should just talk about it with them. Thanks for always inspiring me, you are such a beautiful soul. ✨

        Liked by 1 person

  5. franzi slows down says:

    LIebe Jil,

    vielen lieben dank für deinen ausführlichen Post! Ich bin schon lange am überlegen ob ich mal eine Saftkur machen soll bis jetzt war das aber irgendwie immer ein Zeit ( oder vlt Prioritäten) Problem. Ich habe vor 2 Jahren mal 3 monate auf Sansibar gewohnt ( witzig in der Zeit bin ich ständig Internet für meine tansanische Simkarte kaufen gegangen um ALLE deine videos anzuschauen – ohne witz ich hab alle angeschaut 😀 und das in Afrika ) und da habe ich eine 48 h wasser/tee kur gemacht während ramadan. Das tat so unheimlich gut, aber irgendwie habe ich dieses Erlebnis total vergessen.. Ich fühle mich seit einiger Zeit total kraftlos und ausgelaugt, was mir mein Körper mit Unreiner Haut und Kopfschmerzen nur noch mehr zeigt. Ich denke da kommt eine Saftkur wie gerufen – gerade auch wegen des entschläunigungs prozesses. Danke für die Inspiration!

    Liebst Franziska

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sally says:

    Hi Dear Jill,

    Fist of all thank you for sharing your journey. I always admired your way of opening up about a incredibly personal journey on such a big platform like social media. And how it is so powerful that by being so open about it, there is such a big response of similair souls that find recognition in your journey (me, included 😉 ) and that it shows how so many different journeys still can be so connected in an emotional or spiritual way. Because of the one thing we all share; being human. So, thank you Jill.

    I would really want to ask you for tips/advice about supplements and gut healing in combination with adrenal fatigue. You have mentioned certain things you do and take in previous posts, but i was wondering what are you taking as probiotic. And the colon you talk about in your post, was that a colon cleanse? I am currently really trying to heal my gut and adrenal fatigue symptomps as well. Would you mabye have any added tips and recommendations?

    Again, thank you so much, and wishing you all the joy on this continuing journey in life ⭐️

    Big Love from the Netherlands,


  7. Tanja Schmidt says:

    Toller Post, Danke Jil! Das werd ich bestimmt ausprobieren, wird bestimmt nicht so leicht! 🤗
    Hab deinen blog durchstöbert und muss sagen, dass ich ihn echt klasse finde, deine Einstellung, deinen Lebensstil, deine Naturverbundenheit…💚!!
    Kennst du schon Ringana? Das passt soo gut zu dir! Vegane, bio, vorallem frische Kosmetik und Vitalstoffe ohne Konservierungsstoffe und sonstigem Schnickschnack!! Wenn du Interesse hast, erzähle ich dir gerne mehr! 🌿
    Wünsche dir einen schönen Abend!
    Lg Tanja


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