Page 59 of 365 – Treasuring Now

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I’m grateful for waking up this morning. Another day on planet earth and it’s not in any way less valuable just because I’m stuck at home and struggling with my health. Life is now. This moment is all we have.

And I want to treasure it by surrendering to it fully. Always. Not just when it’s easy because living feels effortless. I might be in pain. Might feel exhausted and spacey. But I’m alive! And I can choose what I make of this situation, how I respond, what vibrations I send out…

I’m grateful for hugging myself in the bathtub today (so glad I’ve got one that makes showering with the cast on a whole lot easier lol), grateful for a reiki session and inner child / completion explorations with @afrikat.crafts and our beautiful conversation.

Grateful for the sweetest package by @alexasearth filled with raw treats, a bracelet, Dalai Lama wisdom and the her sweet words… another beautiful connection made through Instagram! ✨

I’m grateful for a big coconut water delivery, every bit of human interaction that helps with not feeling so isolated but also for stillness with myself, for finally journaling again, I had somewhat of a blockage for a bit, which I accepted fully, but ahh felt so good to be pouring my thoughts out on paper again. It’s usually one of my main practices for healing / self discovery / manifestation and beautiful part of my morning routine… Good night beautiful souls! Much love to you ♥️ #jjgratitudebook
. [anzeige] my jewelry is by @cluse ✨ and because some of you asked: this watch is called „la verdette“; it’s the smallest one from the #cluse range. #cluselovestoriesyou can get a free strap with your order when you use the code “jiliciousjourney” 💋

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