page 57 of 365 – Prioritising Thyself & Iceland Thoughts


Today I’m grateful for snow on my face when I waited for my mom earlier. I wish I could head out for winter walks. Snow is rare here in the north of Germany and it’s so beautiful right now, especially the sunset hours when the sun breaks through the clouds before melting into the horizon, or in the mornings just before it rises, painting soft sorbet swirls on the sky. This sunny weather all throughout February is just as unusual as white covered fields and I miss my walks, miss the woods, where I spent so many hours discovering myself, where I always feel so home surrounded by trees and fairies. 

Those thoughts were on my mind this morning when white soft flakes came down dancing in the wind, landing on my sweatpants and this horribly blue cast. This experience is so humbling. Such a valuable reminder to really treasure our beautiful human temple. To seize the time we have. Because things can change so fast.
I‘m grateful to know that I will heal. That soon I will be able to walk again. Not on snowy ground but probably with the first spring flowers in a few weeks…
Grateful for my mom’s help today. Suddenly everything’s different and me who’s so used to caring for myself since my early years needs to ask for support with the most simple things. And again I’m grateful to know it’s temporary and that it could have been way worse.
How many years I mistreated my body, not actually valuing what a miracle it is and how it carries me through life. And even after becoming vegan and diving into all things holistic health I so often deprived it or demanded way too much.
Grateful for this opportunity to maybe go back to the start in many aspects. Take time to form real bonds with myself and make promises to keep. The one who always aims to make everyone happy now being forced to prioritize herself.

I‘m grateful for this first full day in Iceland almost a year ago. Standing in front of this massive waterfall, ice cold dashes hitting my body. What a magical trip that was and how deeply I wish to go back one day …

I crave places where you can feel the powers of all 4 basic elements. Dramatic waves, huge ice blocks, active volcanoes, massive waterfalls, roaring rivers, unapologetic storms. Where nature can tell her stories uninterrupted by human hands. That’s luxury to me.
Iceland made me fall in love with our planet in a completely new way and how much magic it gifts is when we preserve its wealth and treat this home with respect….❄️ #jjgratitudebook

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