page 54 of 365 – Bigger Than Myself


I’m grateful for the horrible day yesterday was because it’s these days that are so valuable for our growth. So essential.

My health state got pretty bad quite fast and I was faced with a few difficulties. But there are still so crazy many things that are beautiful, big like having a roof above my head and food in my fridge or small like a nice customer service on the phone.

And through challenging phases in the past I’ve learned that it is always not despite the pain, the struggle or the despair that we grow, it’s because of them.

And so I’m grateful for life giving me more, more challenges to overcome haha even though it’s freaking tough right now. But I’m ready for it and excited to see where it will take me and what will be stripped away.

I’m grateful that my life is not all rainbow and butterflies because I’m here to be cracked open over and over again to shine my light further and further.

My mission is bigger than myself. Every rock bottom moment got me closer to what’s deep inside my core. This is my becoming. I’m grateful for being reminded that yes goals are beautiful but we have to trust and let the universe take care of the how.
I’m grateful for receiving help, for the beautiful flowers beside my bed that now put a smile on my face every time I look at them. For shared tears. Real friendship.
I’m grateful for you, for everyone who reads this, who is still here and connects with me through these messy lines that come so straight from the heart that I feel like I share little pieces of myself with you. In the past weeks since I started the #jjgratitudebook many people unfollowed my page and due to the algorithm I reach way less people with my posts. It’s sad that it’s so different from what it used to be but it makes me even more appreciative of every single one of you and the beautiful exchange on here. I would always rather touch someone in a deep and meaningful way than make mainstream content that just doesn’t feel right. .
Change is inevitable and opens new ways to unexplored possibilities. Some doors are closing right now and I’m letting go to make space for what’s to come.
Sending you all so much love ♥️

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