page 53 of 365 – When Everything Kinda Really Sucks

I‘m grateful to be alive. And grateful for my faith still guiding me through the craziness of my reality right now.
The past 24h have been a real struggle. I’m battling with pain in different parts of my body and intense swelling, couldn’t sleep all night and this morning the medical practice where I had an appointment to get x rays was closed for a total crash of their system.

Now I have to wait till Monday and I was supposed to leave for Kenya on Thursday – for a trip that I looked forward to so so so much. But as much as I’m usually the last one to give up I gotta make a responsible and reasonable decision here and that’s been a challenge. And then my best friend called me crying because her beloved dog was hit by a train…

Ahh guys I’m not gonna lie, I’m really fucking sad. And that’s okay. Because this is totally part of whatever life wants to teach me.

And even when everything kinda sucks there are still things to be grateful for. Like my mom getting me some fresh food yesterday so I can fuel my aching body with fruits and veggies again instead of just muesli and rice. Or jojoba oil to massage my legs. And yoga nidra guided meditations at least giving my nervous system a break. I’m grateful for the trails I’ll head on when my foot is healed. For the rocks I’ll climb and the oceans I’ll dive into. For sand between my toes and salty breezes in my hair. For the help I’ll be able to give when I’m recovered. For the projects to come that I need my full strength for. And ultimately for knowing that this experience is exactly what’s most needed for the evolution of my consciousness. Because it always is. #jjgratitudebook

One thought on “page 53 of 365 – When Everything Kinda Really Sucks

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