page 52 of 365 – The Full Experience

I’m grateful for coloring books and listening to Toltec wisdom, for flickering candles and sushi deliveries. Grateful for sunrise rays illuminating my walls in the morning, the days getting a tiny bit longer already. Grateful for the sunniest month ever even though I can’t leave the house at the moment – apparently a sunny & dry February is a good sign for the weather the following months, yay to all the random things you can put in a search engine.

I’m grateful for friends texting to check up on me because this isolation is definitely a challenge right now. But also grateful for getting a bit calmer with every day that I’m stuck at home. The past few days been tough, physically and mentally. But it could have come way worse. I can still use my hands, I have this warm safe place, I have my phone to talk to my closest ones and this app to connect with people all around the world, I have books and music and incense and candles and so many different teas I can try a new one every day. And I have my breath to help calm my nervous system and my heart that’s been racing even faster than my thoughts. And therefore I’m grateful for everything exactly as it is because it’s life. And that’s what we here for. Not to make it easy. But to make it full. 
I’m grateful for the pain being much better already and for managing to clean a bit because the neat freak part of me was getting nervous haha. For Deepak Chopra meditations helping me fall asleep, 432hz music and the presence of my plants. Wow I’m such a freak 🌿
Grateful for things coming up in my dream, memories I repressed, knowing that my subconscious mind is processing a whole lot at the moment.
I’m grateful for whatever will come. Being okay with every next chapter. Grateful for my mom’s help with #WeForUs.

For nothing being realer than whatever we can possibly imagine. Endless possibilities for us to bring into the visible material world, stem cells of matter just waiting for our thoughts to grab them, for us to tap into conscious creation. Oh what a wild world ✨ #jjgratitudebook

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