Page 51 of 365 – Time For Softness

I’m grateful for more clarity.
I’m good at being hard on myself which is useful in extreme situations. I know I can rely on myself in an emergency. Control I can. Care needs practice. Right now life requires me to be soft and gentle.

To stop. To rest. And that appears to be a bigger challenge than expected. Therefore I’m grateful for my body sending me clear signals, for everything kind of feeling out of whack. For being present with it. And the determination to learn this lesson.
I am used to severity. Now it’s time for softness. I made massive steps in the right direction the past few years but leftovers of old patterns sometimes surface, demanding me to face the deepest issues and continue to heal and break free.

So that I can embody myself fully and raise to my full potential as Jil in this lifetime. All that I strive to be for others I need to be for myself. It always starts with us.

I’m grateful for the mindfuck of exploring quantum physics and cosmic truths. For being alive right now as this global awakening, this collective transformation is taking place .

I’m grateful for a care package by @conscious_lifestyle_of_mine in the mail that literally saved my breakfast as I didn’t even have any oats left and I can’t go grocery shopping at the moment. And for the postwoman that brought it, as I haven’t seen any other face than my own since Sunday. And @aaronnight ‘s on my phone screen which makes me incredibly grateful for the technology that we have available. Making me wonder what might be possible in just a few years and hope that we will use it wisely.

Im grateful for memories that cheer me up, grateful for skinny love flowers growing in unlikely places, smiles telling tales when words seem way too small.
Grateful for when life feels easy for a bit. Suddenly just so full. A moment of bliss. A knowing.
For getting through lots of work and an exciting project coming up. .
For no fear of taking chances. For this year being one of saying YES. To opportunities in front of us. To union. To together. To risks. To adventure. To explore. To forgiveness. To health. To truth. To love. To life. To God. To myself.

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