page 50 of 365 – Dropping the Pressure

50 days of 2018. I‘m grateful for the incredibly fast transformations that already took place, for beautiful manifestations and heart projects coming to life. Grateful for 7 eventful first weeks of the year, 2018‘s intensity and veracity, asking us to step up and into our power.
Well I’m not stepping anywhere right now and I try to really wind down, realizing how stressed I have been and how that was eating away at me.

I‘m grateful for dropping pressure I put on myself, this injury forcing me to just stop. For sleep being what I probably need most right now. For feeling my foot healing already… Grateful for setting boundaries where I feel my private space invaded, what can be difficult because I genuinely want to make space for everyone. But when things feel off we gotta listen, we gotta pay attention. I’m grateful for this beautiful livestream with you last night, for all the crazy loving feedback afterwards, leaving me with such a warm feeling but also humbling me. I’m grateful for being called an inspiration, a role model. For how much these words actually mean to me, blowing my mind & covering my body with goosebumps. For being able to share my story, ups and downs, learnings and blessings, my ideas and beliefs. Being me, unapologetically. To invite you to be. To hold space for us all. To explore. And reflect and learn and fall and rise. Building community. Installing hope. Making change. Reminding you, yes YOU, how precious you are. How needed. How loved… Never forget that you are here for a reason. You are divinely created, here to expand and grow and learn. Always protected, even through the craziest storms. Free yourself of worries and regrets, don’t strive for perfection, strive for YOU. The whole experience. #jjgratitudebook

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