Page 49 of 365 – Nothing For Granted

I’m grateful for hearing the birds sing songs that forebode springtime already and the beautiful weather outside, sun shining through my windows and turning the sky all fiery when it started melting into the horizon, birthing a starry night sky and this beautiful waxing crescent moon… 🌒 Grateful for all you beautiful beings that went for a walk for me or sent me yoga snaps. This experience really deepens the appreciation for my body. For how it carries me in this lifetime. Being a home for my soul in this time space reality. I want to protect this state like a treasure, plan to consciously give thanks daily and not take anything for granted it does for me.

I’m grateful that I managed to get to the hospital on my own, for the helpful taxi driver and that I didn’t have to wait too long there. Grateful for this deep acceptance and increasing patience. Grateful for a long needed bang, finally voicing some things that really needed to be expressed – even though it wasn’t easy at all. Oftentimes we avoid conflicts because we don’t want to hurt anyone or we might think we don’t have the right to do so. But open communication is so so important in all kinds of relationships. It might be uncomfortable but the longer we store something inside of us, the more destructive it can become. Only by releasing it gently we can clear the energy. So for me it was a conflict I avoided for a long time and I’m so glad and grateful it finally came to the surface… Don’t ever think your needs are not that important! If you don’t respect yourself enough no one will. .
I’m grateful for smiles so big my mouth gets sore, for exchanging ideas, sharing truths. For new dreams being formed, two minds exploring possibilities, no limits to our imagination. Grateful for angel numbers appearing everywhere again, letting me know that I’m protected, that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be. I believe that we choose everything. Every experience. And especially the challenging ones. We put them on our plan. For our best possible expansion. For our growth. And knowing this gives me so much peace. Peace even in intense pain. In despair. In uncertainty. #jjgratitudebook

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