Page 48 of 365 – Patience With Me

I‘m grateful for all the small challenges that come with this injury. Like hopping down all the stairs from my apartment in the fifth floor. Like walking with crutches at first. Like taking a shower with this huge cast. Like people getting annoyed because you are in there way. Like not really being able to carry anything. Like the incredible pain that woke me up yesterday morning. I’m so grateful for these because they test me. They demand patience. And so much self love. 
I’m grateful for those moments when you think you can’t. And then prove yourself wrong. For this willingness to take a deep breath and try again. .
But I’m also grateful for when I took a moment to just cry it all it. Because accepting this situation doesn’t mean suppressing any negative emotions that might come up. They need to be released – otherwise they destruct you from within.
I‘m grateful for this major lesson I’m finally learning thanks to this accident: Accepting help. And so I’m grateful for being honest with myself about this and realizing that I really need to work on it. Because as much as I love connecting with people and helping everyone around me – not accepting anything in return (wherever it might come from) is creating separation as well!! I always give so much but now it’s time to RECEIVE. And I’m grateful for how fast I’m learning this lesson. .
I‘m grateful for honesty being the major key. Always. For how fast it transforms. .
Grateful for my mom’s help. For seeing my granny and our ancestral explorations. [Hey – in case they are still alive: do yourself a favor and ask your grandparents about your family history!! ♥️] .
Soo grateful for Linda coming to visit me. For her energy that I love having around. For avocado makis.
For when I can calm the other person down by remaining polite – like grumpy & stressed nurses. There’s no point in reacting with heat or frustration in an already tense situation.
Grateful for messages that lift you up. For when things start turning into something so beautiful… ✨ And again: fucking grateful for this incredible support from you guys!! ♥️ #jjgratitudebook

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