Page 47 of 365 – Learning My Lessons

I‘m grateful for the beautiful souls that are there for me right now. Yes situations like this truly reveal who we can rely on. Not just when it’s pretty. Not just when it serves them. I value every word and act of support so damn much. Like @marenschiller calling me and telling exactly what I needed to hear just when I started to lose my positivity after long hours alone at the emergency department. Or @hiekimyoga for visiting me there as he was at the hospital too. Or @marinathemoss offering to come here and take care of me. Beyond grateful for everyone who took the time to send me a private message and their best wishes. I‘m especially grateful for my mom driving me home and helping me to get food for the next few days. I was planning to get home alone (taxi + train ride) and was so relieved when she picked me up…
My past makes me so appreciative of these things. Nothing should ever be taken for granted.
As I shared in my last post I really struggle to ask for help but this is a super important lesson to learn. To understand that I’m not too much. That it’s okay to not be able to do everything alone right now.

But I’m also grateful for spending 90% of the hospital stay alone without anyone to distract me or cheer me up – because in fact I love these challenges. It’s exciting for me to be faced with difficult and demanding situations and grow through them. Because the growth enabling discomfort everyone talks about is not (just) the one we pick and control ourselves – life gifts it to us.
I‘m grateful for finishing the job yesterday and not letting Linda down – don’t ask me how I did this haha, sometimes I’m actually amazed at my strength and willpower. And gosh how grateful I am for my body!
I‘m grateful for having this outlook on life that allows me to see this just as another event. It’s not good or bad. It just is. This here is earth school. We are here to make experiences. To grow and learn. I take on this challenge and will do my best to let it teach me. I’m grateful for living in a country where you can just go to the hospital and receive help. #jjgratitudebook/// throwback to a heart moment during a rainy sunrise ♥️

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