Page 46 of 365 – Broken Foot

Uff – life is testing me right now. On Thursday I slipped on wet stairs, fell down and hurt my foot. It’s technically very bad timing (ok when is it not) as yesterday was super important, not just for me but also for @lindaboese. Somehow I managed to stay positive and push through, finish the job and go to the hospital right afterwards. Diagnosis: bone fracture. Prognosis: uncertain. 
I‘ll be at the hospital again today and hopefully know more later on. I had a big weekend ahead and am supposed to be leaving for Kenya in less than two weeks… argh! But it all happens for a reason. It always does. And it’s my choice how to react to this situation. I have trust. And that allows me to keep my head high.
page 46 of 365 💫 I’m grateful for the masterpiece the human body is. Or rather everything in nature. Not being able to walk properly right now makes me even more appreciative of having this human form, for how well it carries me through life.
I‘m grateful for how much meditation benefits me in situations like this. I was actually quite amazed at my capability to stay calm, breathe through the pain and view this situation from a more distant point. It helps to take a step back and not get so attached and involved. It’s just a broken foot – and I can be so grateful that nothing worse happened. I can still use my hands and the fracture will heal. And at the same time i know that this – as everything – happened for a reason. There are no coincidences. Life forces me to stop and I will do my best to seize the time wisely.
I‘m grateful for the important lessons this teaches me – like finally learning to ask for and accept help!! I love being an (overly) caring & supportive friend but I also pride myself in being able to take care of my shit alone and never want to bother anyone. It’s about time that I start not only demanding support but also accepting a helping hand when it is offered. I’m grateful for having learned to remain equanimous. This is just a situation. It’s just an injury. It’s just pain. I can lay here and cry or I can see the beauty of this very moment.

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