Page 44 of 365 – Spiritual Healing

Holy – yesterday was intense!!! I had a spiritual healing session in the evening and it was such a magical and transformative experience. You guys know how much I’m interested in these things and I’m SOOO beyond grateful that my mental health struggles alongside other factors forced me to dig deeper 🔮 It was through my pain and darkest times that I realized – no REMEMBERED that we are in fact all spiritual eternal beings having a human experience.

The deeper I dive into spirituality, ancient wisdom, quantum physics, astrology, energy healing, etc – the more I not only heal but really fall more and more in love with life. There’s sooooo much more than what we can perceive with our human senses!! Throughout the last few years and especially 2017 I had some very intense & magical spiritual experiences – and yesterday is definitely on that list now ☄️💥🔥

I’m grateful that the teacher appears when the student is ready. Always! What happens when we open ourselves up and just surrender.

That we always attract what we ask for – or most need in that very moment. I’m grateful for not being afraid but taking on that journey, deep into my core, way back in time. For having the guts to do the work thats needed to break free and really step into my full power.

I’m grateful for karma clearing, for blocks removed, for feeling all my chakras opening up, allowing energy flow through my whole entire body. And finally after this long and in parts painful session feeling so very free. So light 🕊 Honestly guys – I started dancing through my apartment and laughing out loud. I feel another immense shift happening within me and I’m enjoying this process so much ♥️ .
I‘m grateful for a video calls to LA. For when people celebrate your joy just as much as their own. For being seen and valued. For aligned missions and crossed paths. For the waning crescent moon. And for you! Always. #jjgratitudebook

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