Page 43 of 365 – Mental Health Awareness

Yesterday I woke up with a big fat dark cloud above my head. Every thought, word, movement hurt, getting up seemed impossible and I felt this immense weight on my chest. Sadness, pain, exhaustion, despair – for no ‘rational’ reason. My perceived reality became an utter hell.

I share this because I want to raise awareness. Mental health problems are so so common (the stats are shocking) and yet there’s still so stigma around this topic, causing people to feel ashamed and only worsening the isolation they experience through these times. And therefore I‘m grateful for more vulnerability on social media. It’s so important that we open up and share – so that no one ever feels alienated or alone with what they might be going through but rather gets the support they need. Pain is inevitable – and all of us will experience pain in their lives. The problem is that we try to run from it, avoid it, turn our eyes away when we see someone suffering. The more we allow the darkness to be – individually and as a society the better we can navigate through tough times and the more we can learn and grow together.
Depression and anxiety have been a part of my life for many years now and have often taken me down on my knees. But I can say whole heartedly that I’m grateful for every rock bottom moment. For what these times taught me. For how they got me closer to me, to my core, my soul‘s mission. I‘ve found so much truth and beauty in surrendering to these storms instead of trying to run from them. Through them I started waking up.
I’m grateful for having learned to cope. Instead of spiraling down on a bad day I have a little tool set now to deal with pain and panic. I can stay calm and navigate myself through the storm.
I’m grateful that I can openly express what’s going on to my friends without scarring or annoying them. I‘m grateful for new resources to further educate myself about these issues. I‘m grateful that I was able to turn the day around, to get to do’s ticked off and even my whole apartment clean. I’m grateful for not letting myself fall but actually ending the day with a smile on my face. #jjgratitudebook

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