Page 42 of 365 – Sundays With You

I’m grateful for moments so beautiful that it hurts.

Those you wanna freeze to live in them forever. But just for a little while – until you remember that there’s so much more in store for you.

I’m grateful for hugs that would be better described as two souls merging. Synced energy fields. For the fact that some people just get you.

And everything sometimes just makes so much sense. Even for the neurotic human mind. I’m grateful for how much my life has changed over the past few years.

And for the things that just stay the same. Because they are meant to be. I‘m grateful for all these resources we have access to, to educate ourselves, to connect to people all around the world… honestly so grateful that we can choose what we consume! That we can vote with our money. And time. And attention.

I’m grateful for the first bite of food after fasting. For crazy dreams. For not sleeping alone. For silly movies and meaningful exchange. For another Sunday like those I’ve missed 🌚 


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