Page 41 of 365 – Love In & Out

I‘m grateful for all these things we can’t perceive with our human senses. For the magic we so often dismiss in our busy world. That we are taught to forget. Grateful for remembering. For going beyond. Exploring and expanding. Staying open. Available. Love pouring into me. Out of me. Into everything around me.

I‘m grateful for meditation. For uber charged crystals and the crazy energy my little altar space radiates. So many things we know so little about. Grateful for laying underwater, listening to my heartbeat. For making room to revisit pain, to observe, to complete fractured parts. How many beautiful faces healing has. Grateful for epsom salt baths. For self care practices after a long & intense week. For when you finally heat up after coming in from outside where it is super cold at the moment. Making me deeply appreciate the fact that I have a warm home, enough clothes and a comfortable bed…but shake my head and feel my heart ache thinking about how many people are freezing, sleeping on the streets. I‘m sending love and warm thoughts to every one… Ah how I wish I could do more!
I‘m grateful for long train rides spent reading, actually making it a point to open my book and get through at least one chapter.
I‘m grateful for @medicalmedium and how much his work already helped me since I found out about him last year. For learning more every single day.
Grateful for beats and flowed lines. Talent and passion. For shared blankets and true friendship.
For adventures on the horizon. I‘m grateful for writing just to share. To open up conversations we might rather avoid. To invite you to reflect yourself. And us all to open up. To overcome separation. Forget about labels and prejudice. For that we are one and the more often we recognize the every you in all of me – the more we light up the world. #jjgratitudebook

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