Page 38 of 365 – Accepting My Seasons

I‘m grateful for skipping the subway to go for walks instead and take in this beautiful winter weather, the cold, the sunshine, the blue sky reflecting on the water, interrupted by blocks of ice and seagulls.
How beautiful winter can be, how special every season is. And so needed. For that all of us have our seasons. Times of high energy and fast forward motion. And times of introspection and rest. 
Grateful for taking that time right now. Accepting that I can’t achieve as much as I wished to right now.
I‘m grateful for @srimati and that she’s always always there when I need her. Her energy being always with me. For learning more about this special „time“ on planet earth right now, understanding my symptoms better in the context of spiritual awakening. #ascension For reading truths written out that I felt intuitively but somehow didn’t dare to fully believe.
I’m grateful for meeting @_loucie_ for ginger teas and hormone discussions, grateful for understanding more and more how vital it is that we support ourselves, that we really take good care of our bodies and work hand in hand with them, as they are so much wiser than our minds could ever be… and so it is of utmost importance that we stop neglecting ourselves but truly start trusting our inner voice within. .

I’m grateful for pushing through this little rut, for releasing doubt and worry and replacing them with positive affirmations and visualization. Knowing that these times are in fact so so valuable for our growth. Asking us to level up. And show up. Even when we would just love to escape right now. No. It’s not about making life simple and comfortable. I reach for the struggle, for the pain, for the real thing. I choose growth over comfort 🕊
I’m grateful for simple meals, for having such clean taste buds that broccoli tastes freaking amazing. And I’m grateful for tears of joy – for my friends’ success and achievements. For seeing their dreams coming true. Grateful for every chance to give love and hope to others. And every stranger smiling back! #jjgratitudebook

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