Page 37 of 365 – Earth School

I’m grateful for you. Reading this. Taking some time in your busy day to pause and connect through these messy lines. To maybe take a deep breath and look within to find some things you are grateful for in this very moment… 🕊
I’m grateful for rays of warming sunshine and a clear blue sky on this super cold February day. For ice flowers on my window while watching el sol rise and pastel colored clouds during sunset. I’m grateful for making exciting plans and those I’ve canceled for they were not part of the play.
For weeknd dropping a new song whenever I manage to break free. And so I’m grateful for just daring again. To make decisions and open up new pathways just because.

For knowing how dangerous it is to stop moving out of doubt or worry or because we feel like we messed up too many times. But there’s no such thing as failure. You might fall, but you can always get back on your feet. This is earth school. We are only taught life gets serious when we grow up but in fact we are all still children of the universe, here to play, to grow, to experience ourselves.
And within every moment or the moment because time is just another matrix concept, you have the freedom to fall in love with the very reality you are facing.
I’m grateful that somewhere on my journey I understood that I need to stop looking for something to fulfill me and rather work with all I’ve got already. Work towards real acceptance of all that is, to give thanks for every day – and to myself, to show up as Love, because nothing ever felt more meant to be.
I’m grateful for all these different sides in me, my open heart for everything, my surgency, my drive reawakening.
I’m grateful for diversity, a diversity of friends, diversity of experiences. All these crazy stories I experienced, all the different stages in life I already danced on. I’m grateful for not investing in all these things that might feel good for a second but in fact only victimize us, for placing real importance on what will remain. For really only wishing good on other people. For letting alleged boundaries vanish, boundaries between all you’s and me. All one, all different shades of Life. #jjgratitudebook

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