Page 36 of 365 – Endlessly Transforming

I’m grateful for getting started with the design part of my upcoming project, bringing to fruition an idea created within my heart and the deja vu goosebumps I felt watching it unfold on the screen in front of me. 
I’m grateful for my mom’s help, for collaborating with her.
I’m grateful for bus rides and all the memories they bring back within me, from school years, hundreds, thousands of hours spent on public transportation, the heartbreaks and friendship struggles, the silly laughs and carefree moments.

Exploring the myths of time and space based on truths I now know, concepts I’ve learned on my spiritual journey so far… The nostalgia I feel regardless, parts of me slipping through my fingers, searching for versions of me in what I remember. But also gladly letting go, knowing NOW is all we’ll ever truly have. How much we change all the time, our heartbeat being the only constant in this ever expanding human life, endlessly transforming, shifting. Grateful for knowing there’s nothing really to hold on to, scary yes, but freeing isn’t it?? 🕊
Gifting us with this sweet freedom, freedom to create whatever we wish for, what our wildest dreams might not dare to imagine. Sparking my phantasy to explore roads untraveled, adventures written in the stars and eyes I’ve not yet looked into. The truth we are taught to forget, of the possibility to be anything we want to.
I’m grateful for fresh celery juice, finally getting started with this, trusting the innumerable health benefits of this health elixir, having found sources I trust, having exposed matrix lies and social conditioning. Food really healing us when it’s used medicinally and not as an entertainment. How much we gain when we relinquish earthly pleasures. When we welcome discomfort with open arms, let impulses and emotions just come and go like waves, not too much importance placed on where our mind wanders all the time. Focus & discipline rewarding us in so many beautiful ways. I’m grateful for warming baths, taking action to better my health, for another somewhat early night, as sleep seems to be what my body needs more than anything. #jjgratitudebook

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