Page 35 of 365 – Daring To Expand

I‘m grateful for love being what keeps me going, this spark bringing life back to my ashes. I‘m grateful that we forget when we reincarnate making this human experience oh so bittersweet over and over again… 

I‘m grateful for sleep, just sleeping through the night without waking up a zillion times, sleeping, waking up with the sun rise, meditating and feeling so tired that I just went back to bed and slept some more.

I’m grateful for guru wisdom and moments of simple pure presence during my meditation, increasingly frequent, sinking deep into my core and deeper with every breath. Grateful for getting creative in the kitchen and preparing a raw vegan cake for my so not vegan family – them coming over and actually loving it so much that they devoured the whole thing! I‘m grateful for vegan cheese cream straight from the blender for breakfast, for not feeling heavy and weird after having 2 large pieces of cake + all the „recipe testing“ – thanks to real ingredients that are actually healthy. #veganforthewin I‘m grateful for having my loved ones here for a bit, chatting, sharing, catching up.
I’m grateful for my aroma oil diffuser which was such a good little investment, for candle light and new shoots on my plants, how happy they feel here, making me laugh at how all my plants usually died when I was younger… For how everything truly is connected.

For how they mirror me coming back to life, no longer just existing but actually daring to expand, to take up more space, to grow. For staying at home and prioritizing recovery. For taking the responsibility for my health, for forgiving the times when I used to even wish to be unwell, when all I did was harm myself and turn every pain, every loss, every disappointment within. For realizing how burned out I actually still feel and my mind finally slowing down and letting me rest… My aching limbs and burning eyes making me prioritize recovery again. And since I know how powerful belief is, I’m grateful for healing my adrenals & hormonal system, grateful for coming back to full health.

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