Page 34 of 365 – Nurturing

I‘m grateful for ritual, for burning incense and sitting in silence, only one candle illuminating my room, 432hz playing, resonating in my body. I‘m grateful for revisiting situations that hurt me, for inner child encounters, for reaching my arms out and holding her right, for healing affirmations and long held asanas, breathing deep into my human form, giving thanks for it being my temple in this lifetime.

Grateful for realizing the importance of these practices, especially for a highly sensitive empath like me. For how they ground me, protect me, offer guidance and clarity, creating a safe place for me to feel all these intense emotions, to listen to my inner voice, to help feel more at peace instead of overwhelmed, to slow down in a world that is so over stimulating and fast paced.

I’m grateful for feeling my nervous system calm down, for learning to be there for myself, how to take care, how to nurture. For understanding that I might need these peaceful nights more than anything, that going out or even too intense movies would be debilitating. For calming my wanderer spirit, knowing that I need to pace myself because exciting adventures are coming.
I’m grateful for this beauty of self discovery, how vital it is that we get to know ourselves, so much so that we know how to be our own best friend, how we can best support ourselves in this crazy world we live in. And I’m grateful for having a platform here to share these concepts, to share my journey with you, to shed light on things that matter.

For now even being able to help in person, offer these coaching calls and actually be a source of guidance for others – which gives me shivers when I think about it, knowing that it is this huge part of my mission, understanding the whys behind my nature, the what fors of my past.
I‘m grateful for ideas that get me singing and dancing, for making plans and getting the support needed to make them happen.
I’m grateful for avocado on glutenfree bread after cleaning my entire apartment and opening all windows for a bit, for fresh bedsheets and how we can practice mindfulness with every simple task we do. #jjgratitudebook

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