Page 33 of 365 – Leaving Mental Prisons Behind

I’m grateful for glutenfree treats and spontaneous sushi dates, for just saying yes and giving the day another chance after a crappy start.
Grateful for @lindaboese and the freaking amazing human being she is and that I could persuade her to join me for my upcoming adventure. For how this trip will be even a zillion times more special and beautiful, now that I’ll have her by my side. For the rush of happiness and excitement, for knowing that this was totally meant to happen and the reason that all other options didn’t work out. Ahh and I’m grateful for being able to take you all along, share this heart project with you and hopefully really make a difference…

For learning to open my mouth to ask and receiving the help I need and trusting that everything will fall into place, especially when you do things out of pure love and altruism. Grateful for my belief in humanity, in people loving to do good and having faith in fate. For everyone who offered support so far, the life’s we’ll impact and the unforgettable memories we’ll make 🐘
For not letting fear rule my days anymore, for coming back to life in so many ways.

Grateful for the times when anxiety had me reject all kinds of invitations because those make me appreciate the mental freedom I’m gaining even more. That I can go to places. Meet new people. Speak without doubt. That I can change plans spontaneously, that I don’t freak out when I can’t control things.

For leaving mental prisons behind – and being able to give hope to those of you out there struggling with mental health problems as well!!

I’m grateful for openly sharing, for connecting on such a deep level with people you just met. For talking about this crazy matrix we live in, about spiritual awakening and finding meaning in the crazy beautiful maze of the human experience. About how we can continue to be better and really make the most of our time here, for holding space for each other to share. I’m grateful for tarot readings that are spot on, the butterfly being my spirit animal this month.
For a creepy situation on the train back home because it’s another reminder to always be aware and listen to my intuition! #jjgratitudebook

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