Page 32 of 365 – Brownie Reflections & Group Meditations

I‘m grateful for this first day of February, that started out quite challenging, for the stones in my way forcing me to really get clear on a few things, the adversities that left me feeling drained and scattered so that I immediately took action to stop the negative response in my mind and raise those frequencies again.

For that it’s always our choice how we respond to life craziness, enabling us to take responsibility for our actions. For dropping disappointment and frustration and finding my peace pretty quickly to continue the day on a much better path. For knowing that whatever doesn’t work out is simply not meant to be, making space for something better to come.
I‘m grateful for a quick date with @elenacarriere, that I immediately took into my heart last week, for hamburg‘s beauty, the wind, the seagulls, stopping to take a few deep breaths at the Alster.

For @lebeleichthamburg being my sanctuary today, enjoying a slice of the best vegan brownie ever, some green juice and a turmeric shot, while first doing some research and reflection by myself and later being joined by lebeleicht founder Tine and starting a beautiful conversation about health and food and juicing and yoga and our education system and habits and society and future plans…

I‘m grateful for the beautiful mindfulness workshop tonight, for meditating in a group what I haven’t done in a while but always love so so much, my highly sensitivity being this beautiful gift to feel even deeper, sense even more, read between the lines and connect to other’s energies, intensifying a meditation like that.

Grateful for this vast sensation in my heart chakra, this hurricane in my chest, for not yet revealing its message but having the ability now to sink deep and deeper into my body, really reconnect, really listen.
I‘m grateful for people actually listening, from being the one who is too insecure to even get up in class to the Jil I am today, sharing truths straight from the heart… Grateful for attracting the right people into my life and whatever we have been in lifetimes before and to come. #jjgratitudebook

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