Page 31 of 365 – Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

I’m grateful for beautiful luna shining so so bright tonight, keeping me awake, hypnotizing & fascinating me, for moon gazing on my balcony, celebrating this charged super blue moon lunar eclipse, the incredibly intense energies created by this special cosmic event, the portals this opens to catapult us further, speed up the processes taking place within, us tapping into our individual power and rising as a collective. The perfect time to unleash what no longer serves us, to forgive and let go what holds us back, whether it’s a karma we need to clear, an open argument to solve or the internal abuse we so often do to ourselves.

Two super moons in one month, inviting us to speak with integrity, clear our communication and step into the light to be seen and heard. It’s time to ask ourselves whether we are in alignment with our soul mission and highest truth and whether we are impeccable with our words. Are we using our inner communication to shame and punish ourselves or are we letting go of negative thought patterns to start tuning in with our intuition, quiet the shatter to allow our subconscious ideas and desire break through the clouds?

Leo Luna asking us to take on the responsibility of leading with our voices, speaking our truth – for ourselves and on the behalf of others. Are we allowing divine feminine energy to flow through us? You are for a reason, you being here right now is not a coincidence…
I’m grateful for this day being so full of ascension vibes, for how I thrive off my friends’ joy, functioning as a facilitator and catalyst, being in good company. For when sometimes just everything clicks and falls into place. That beautiful bliss of feeling in alignment.
I’m grateful for how long this month of January has been even though things are moving fast. Usually time flies by but I feel like this first month of 2018 lasted a beautiful while and was so filled with opportunities and opening doors, all the seeds planted for the months ahead. // This beautiful workbook is by @spiritdaughter – I’m absolutely enchanted by her work. A beautiful way for me to explore & learn even more about lunar phases & zodiac wisdom. #jjgratitudebook

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