Page 30 of 365 – Always Where We Need To Be

I‘m grateful for a goal written down in my journal 3.5 years ago, another one from this magical list, now coming to fruition, intention set, surrendered, allowed ✨ .
Tears of joy when I think about an upcoming adventure, making plans for a heart project I’ll share with you guys super soon. Bringing back to life a mission, an idea, now tying so beautifully into everything, for having let this sleep until the right possibility comes up, trusting myself and the universe, for that we are all one, for that everything has divine timing – and we are always were most need to be. Some things might take longer to show up in our experiences reality, and instead of forcing or doubting we sometimes just need to let go and allow magic to happen.
Grateful for having taken the time to heal, to explore the depths of my soul, to sit with my pain, to let past experiences and traumas teach me, to allow fear to just be within and guide me to the treasures hidden within the dark. For learning that everything happens for me not to me and the responsibility I started taking for myself.

For having build a foundation, a base to stand on, a place from which I can give. For that we first need to really know ourselves, get to the core of our being, need to find respect and appreciation for what we are, not in a mask or a persona we created in order to fit in, but really becoming one with who are within.

Grateful for every part of this journey. And feeling myself gaining strength from this place of true healing. Now being ready to go out in the world and kiss awake what I could only dream of when every depression had me paralyzed.

I’m grateful for the magic of belief. For my path being so completely different from what I might have planned, for the times of not knowing, for letting everything fall apart that needed to in order for me to really become free. I‘m grateful for my bathtub, beautiful moments of stillness to quiet the mind, for home remedies and taking care of my body. I‘m grateful for fruitful collaborations, for passionate conversations about evolution and history, for being inspired by everything, for smiling so big my mouth gets sore. #jjgratitudebook

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