Page 29 of 365 – Space To Be

I’m grateful for memories not yet created. For silent “I’m here for you”s. For space to create. To hold. To be. To love.

I’m grateful for not being fine with mediocre, for craving more. More you and me. More real connection. More falling in love with life and love itself. I’m grateful for selflessness in my actions. For my genuine excitement for the smallest things. Grateful for being emotional in this world that seems numb and desensitized…

For not being afraid to openly share my struggles. The guts to be vulnerable. No more silencing my instincts.
I’m grateful for ginger tea and fresh celery juice to help my immune system fight this cold that creeped its way into my body. For still getting work done today even though I’m running on super low battery. I hope this passes by quickly…

I’m grateful for my courage to do the shadow work. To not get lost seeking the lightness and ease of those enlightening moments I experienced, no attachment to that bliss. As we know everything is always moving, always changing.
I’m grateful for these first four weeks of 2018. That I decided to pick up the #jjgratitudebook again. For these 1-2 hours every day spent reflecting on my day, recalling the beautiful moments, big or small, creating these posts, trying to translate my emotions into words, spent visualizing my dreams.

Slowly feeling the effects this has on my mental health and pretty much every aspect of my life. And for things manifested I didn’t dare to wish for before.
As for anything magical to happen, for those miracles to unfold we need to be in a state of utter gratitude, of deep and real appreciation. Raise those vibrations to match the frequencies of what we want to experience. But the real work needs to take place on the subconscious level. And so I’m grateful for collecting the tools needed to help me heal, to become aware of the thought patterns and stuck beliefs, to better that perception of myself.
I’m grateful for the softness and beauty of every small and big moment. For connecting through creation. For your messages and comments, you being here. Reading. Trusting. Us healing together. Ascending. Awakening. #jjgratitudebook

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