Page 28 of 365 – Emotional Waves & Words

I‘m grateful for a slow Sunday, for not trying to hold on to certain states & feels, practicing myself in detachment and allowing life to naturally flow. I‘m grateful for synced energy fields, inexplicable & invaluable connection, for how it sometimes seems like it’s really all that matters. 
I‘m grateful for emotional waves & words flooding my inner void, novels in my fingers, melodies in my heartbeat and poems in every breath, not yet ready to be expressed but forming up to this beautiful creation, letting me feel like a vessel.

Opening up to the love & light poured into my being from above and below, moving through me and into everyone I encounter. My biggest wish being to make everyone feel whole. Protected. Loved.

I‘m grateful for once more noticing how really all we see is just ourselves. Mirrored in every experience. Every face we look into. For that all love we feel has its origin deep within our own hearts… I‘m grateful for inspiring podcast on car rides, for knowing that it’s about time to tackle another wound, a healing to happen I kind of put on hold / avoided. And so I choose to be grateful for my femininity. For the painful and in part traumatic experiences related to sexuality I had in the past so that I will have to truly learn to love myself entirely and unconditionally and to express my feminine energy without shame.

And maybe being enabled to help others… With everything I share so openly on here this is still a topic that can feel scary to touch (pun intended). I‘m grateful for rain on my face and the warmer temperatures, walking through the night without freezing. For nature sounds familiar from childhood years, somehow yearning to go back in time, deeply wishing to hold my younger self and tell her to stop turning all pain inwards, to no longer destruct and harm, no longer seek validation in all the wrong places. But grateful for knowing and accepting that I chose every aspect of what I experienced, shaping me into the person I am today, providing me with the tools I’ll need, with the empathy and compassion fuelling my work today… #jjgratitudebook

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