Page 27 of 365 – Possibility Of Us


I’m grateful for wings spread to fly even higher than ever imagined. That we need to let free what we love and how it then suddenly is just there. Here to stay. How detaching and choosing to act from a place of deep appreciation has opened the possibility of an us I never dared to dream about. For that bliss of realizing that real love doesn’t demand, doesn’t push, doesn’t expect.
F o r e v e r not being an empty promise but the deepest truth my heart whispers into the night. For kisses to be given and words we don’t need to state. For trust never broken and respect deeply ingrained 🥀

For seeing the world with wonder. Every you with awe. For that we are all needed, every human being a way for the universe to experience itself, every life a journey of recognizing, awakening and ultimately falling in love with oneself. That unconditional love being what sustains us.
Grateful for that we are all at different stages in our lives and how beautiful this uniqueness of everyone’s individual story is.
Grateful for a beautiful podcast interview with @corinnakehl and the delicious brownies her mom made, for discussing the purpose of life and how love is always the answer. For being able to give guidance and hold space for others to explore their own self.
Grateful for being called an inspiration and asked to share my personal story with mental illness, my recovery journey and perspective on spirituality. For a little livestream q&a with some of you earlier, your sweet messages & thoughtful questions and through them realizing once again how grateful I am to be alive, for having survived my darkest moments and being able to share my truths and art with you. Grateful for my scars not tied to shame but the courage to accept the path my soul has chosen and heal through falling apart.
I‘m grateful for my ability to welcome anyone with open arms, for no ulterior motives hidden behind my actions. New ways for me to follow my soul calling… #jjgratitudebook // 📸 yesterday in Paris, balcony giggles with @kris_the_cat & @elenacarriere

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