Page 26 of 365 – When It Just Clicks


I’m grateful for waking up in a hotel bed and the seconds just before the plane lands. Grateful for a beautiful 2. day in Paris, the opportunity to explore this city, for sunshine in our faces and all these streets and corners and stunning architecture. For all the “wow”s, for rain & sun at once.

For us girls bonding right away, so many wonderful & meaningful conversations, fuelled by real connection and authentic interest – which can be a very rare thing in this business, often being so superficial and competitive. For not traveling alone but being joined by @elenacarriere on this super chill flight back to Hamburg, for a drive on the taxi backseat through this city, smiling, overflowing. And the angels celebrating with me (& letting me know through numbers & synchronicities, yes I’m that weird.)I’m grateful for my mom teaching me manners when I was young, for knowing respect and deep appreciation, for never taking anything for granted! I’m grateful for the incredible sweet staff at the hotel, for how good vibes just attract more kindness, like the nice stewardess giving us water for free or the lady at the check seating us together.
For so much love in all I am, in all my actions, not because it sounds or looks nice, not feeling empty after giving. But because it’s deeply ingrained in my being, my awakening having nudged this transformation, ripped away more and more parts of ego based fears.
For how it just clicked between us, for talking about friendship & health, astrology & reincarnation, for food & how we manage to find peace in a world where many things go completely wrong. About opening our eyes in so many aspects of our lives & how we can use our work to hopefully inspire positive change, constantly learning and evolving and seeking better ways for our own actions.
For meeting @amelietahiti finally after over 2.5 years of online friendship, hugging this bubbly beautiful girl in real life, for the little fruit shop we bought gigantic dates at while making plans for future Paris adventures. And guys I’m grateful for realizing once again how unusual I am in many ways…and for everyone who values that. #jjgratitudebook

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