Page 25 of 365 – Paris in love


I’m so grateful for my first ever trip to Paris, for being in the city of love, for when I heard @kris_the_cat’s voice in the lobby and ran to hug her tight, for having her back after we had to say bye in Venice last September, I’m grateful for sweet acquaintances and sweeter smiles, for lovely Paris vibes, for being invited to this amazing hotel, given such beautiful opportunities and most importantly: for the changes made by a big company, steps towards greener products, more sustainable packaging, natural herbal formulas – and no animal being tortured in the process. So grateful and relieved that change is happening!!!

And to be able to be a part of it. So grateful to be living in this era. What a mile stone! And how grateful I am for this beautiful open minded community we are, for the great conversations I have on here, for you! .
I’m grateful for the event last night, for connecting with @carolinedeissler and finally meeting @talisaminoush and just how sweet both are in person, grateful for our values being so aligned and the real care you can feel in the energy. Really grateful for being surrounded by such inspiring women!!

For us not just blindly accepting, not defining ourselves and others by neither superficial things nor follower counts, that we are demanding ourselves and the world around us to step up, respect and compassion being behind our actions.

I’m grateful for exploring the Louvre, for walks around here sharing heart stories and future plans with Kris, for her openness and trust in me, our honest compliments and support for each other, seeing her grow into this wonderful woman and feeling her happiness and excitement.

I’m grateful for making a decision about a trip coming up that will be demanding but incredibly meaningful, a trip to bring to fruition a big big dream, a 2018 wish already manifested (who can guess where I am going???) I’m grateful for honest words and plane rides spent smiling, nothing to hide and so much to give. For so deeply accepting this deep sentient being I am, for how this love both lifting me up and grounding me. For understanding that I’m here to fulfill a mission…. #jjgratitudebook

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