Page 24 of 365 – Compromises & Miracles


Oh I’m grateful for the sunsets I’ll get to see this year, like these in LA, walking through the streets of West Hollywood at night, my strolls to Whole Foods, the air, the vibes that I miss so much, this special light igniting a certain kind of freedom within me. Grateful for new adventures already manifesting on the horizon. Deeply grateful for opportunities lining up for me to grap and seize ✨ 
I’m grateful for not wasting any time and energy for ‘but’s and ‘what if’s – but leaving doubts behind to chase real purpose. For not just believing in miracles happening, in magic being all around us – but allowing it, awaiting in full faith.
I’m grateful for receiving clear signs where I’m still compromising my own needs. Where I sacrifice my health and security to not hurt others – reminding me of how paradox this is. As I can only truly give when I understand to take care of myself, only really tap into my power when I prioritize my health. And so I’m grateful, once again, for my strong body…
I’m grateful for this love. This special love. That was never really gone but so far away for a big while. Now back, filling every cell, poured into every corner of my being. I’m grateful for again, just like back then, being healed by this emotion, reminding me that the source of all that I feel is within me ♥️ It’s not within anyone else, it’s me who’s creating. And when it was separation that broke me into bits, it’s the realization of oneness, through butterfly and “forever” love sinking into my heart. That’s the cure. It’s in every us. In you and me. In all that we can become and will be. It’s removing walls and borders, inviting trust and respect and equality.
I’m grateful for the sudden “warmth”, so nice to no freeze today. Grateful for the sweet taxi driver this morning, for another phone call with @rylewx, way too short as I struggle to fight the tiredness and really want to get some sleep before heading to Paris tomorrow – but still so beautiful and inspiring. Grateful for all these little signs and synchronicities, more and more looking directly through the eyes of source, assured and protected! #jjgratitudebook

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