Page 23 of 365 – Love Just Being Worth It


I‘m grateful for every second of this day. The almost unbearable exhaustion and emotional down I woke up to in the morning forcing me to channel all my positive energy, combine all left forces within to get up, go about my day, keep a therapy appointment I had, get chores done, go to hamburg and do a job. Yes, I’m grateful for the struggle. Testing me. Training me. Humbling me. Shaping me. Making me appreciate smoothness and ease even more. I’m grateful for both sunshine and rain, as we need both to grow our flowers. 

That I might stumble but not fall these days. That they just bring to my attention what I still need to work in, to process, to allow and to let go of.
For my visualization meditation becoming this beautiful part of my night time routine after I finished my #jjgratitudebook post for the day, my lavender spray, musical soundtracks in my ear walking to therapy, the urge to dance, vivid dreams last night and a phone call from mom.
For a message on the train that got me flying and crying and smiling and all at the same time. For butterflies and warmth right there in my chest. Being thrown in this ocean of emotion that I remembered vividly although so much time has passed and so much has changed. How little things can mean so much. How beautiful shared perceptions are. Soul connections beyond words. How our state can change so very fast. How much I enjoy being human sometimes… And how intensely I feel. Both pain and love. Literally physically experience emotions, no words to describe these overpowering states. I‘m so grateful for love just being worth it. Always!
For conversations about astral traveling and veganism, about mental disease and spiritual awakening and how connected these two are, why we humans need to put labels on everything, about our education system, about community, about universal laws and energy healing, about aliens and love.
I‘m grateful for receiving help today, for heaters and honest care. For my friends living their dreams, following their passions. And helping to spark the fire… ✨
. // shirt by @veganveins 🐘♥️

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