Page 22 of 365 – New Songs & Old Melodies


3 weeks into the new year and I’m in love. In love with new experiences and old emotions, new destinations and past places. New music and old melodies. In love with life and incomplete wholeness. Never spoken words and those there’s finally room for. Safe space between palms and ‘thank you’ s. Space to hold and care, for honesty and pieces of me I lost to find their way back. 
I‘m grateful for taking the time to take a bath today. And put a face mask on. For how many different faces self care can have.
Grateful that I started offering my intuition the hand of forgiveness after having betrayed her for years. For her skinny voice daring to whisper again deep inside of me. And slowly beginning to understand.
I’m grateful for this indescribable mix of tears and endorphins sitting right in my chest. Both the entire ocean and night sky with every shining star. For how fast everything can move into the background sometimes and how our hearts never forget, time being this illusion, a man made matrix construct.
For cold smoke in my hair and warmest memories in my heart, revisiting trauma in the safety of love. For how deeply I connect and that nothing really gets there, maybe no onereally getting me. I’m grateful for this vessel I’m becoming and the need to pour love into everything I encounter, and to explore the ‘why’ wherever there are walls, limitations I’ve set. For today so not feeling like Monday. And for being okay with that – and an important appointment canceled. Reminding me to stay centered and detached. Equanimity. Peace.

I’m grateful for being able to move and do, despite physical pain and exhaustion today. For putting my trust in the infinite resilience of the human body, this human form I was given, this flesh I call home. For laying in bed now, poems and astrology stuff to read, a candle burning and this dog barking outside in the night. I’m grateful for already feeling the intensity of the full moon & eclipse next week 🌚🌝 January you are beautiful. So demanding, so dark & cold. But this great chance to spark our own fire, go searching for the switch to illuminate from within. Precious winter time ❄️ #jjgratitudebook

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