Page 21 of 365 – Divinely Created


I’m grateful for the world I close my eyes to see, the million dreams keeping me alive, illuminated in my soul’s light, painted in all brightest colors to bring to fruition my wishes and vision.
For unpacking all conditioning, stepping into the self we came to be, for connection and how we are such relational beings. For the possibilities we have, like phone calls to the other end of the world, for open and honest sharing, for empathy and being this empath, for caring so much, the extend to which I can sense and sink into emotion. Feeling deeply and truly. Sending so much no matter the distance.

For cinema with my brother, for songs like hugs, movies that capture my imagination, that get me dreaming, that make me tear up, that open up my heart and allow me to tap into such a beautiful state. So I could process some stored emotions, a much needed storm passing fast. Grateful for my scars bringing me healing, the rock bottom moments that forced me to turn to something greater, something realer, to devote myself, to open my eyes to the magic around us, stop drowning or numbing, stop fighting myself and finally see that everyone of us is a unique and needed, divinely created. I’m grateful for catching up on sleep last night, a rather slow Sunday, inspiring reads, talking about culture and science, questions about humanity and love and an evening spent in beautiful company, with laughs and togetherness. My anticipation for the week ahead, for Paris and seeing my girl @kris_the_cat again.

For my bed and smoothie bowls, the freedom to choose what I put on my plate.
For my contraception pill horror story that let me to find veganism. For going plantbased started this wonderful journey, far beyond meal time. Making the connection and asking the right questions. For astrology and mysticism, for art and music, for stories written to fascinate. For you. For how we heal together. Awaken. Create positive change. So much love to all of you! #jjgratitudebook

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