Page 20 of 365 – A Place Just Like Home


I’m grateful for a place that just feels home to me, still and again, for watching the boys making music, for melodies and basslines, for freely expressing my love, untied to expectations or fears, no bans, no regrets.

For eyes full of passion and hugs full of promises. A night just like so many, yet so different for how I perceive and take care of myself. For where I stand today. Having transcended all those limitations. Gone are days spent doubting every aspect of myself, every decision, every word, gone are the pains inflicted on relationships, either out of fear to be hurt and left once more making all trust impossible, or out of fear to mess up and lose again making me hold on way too tight.
Grateful for this immense transformation I went through these last few years, for this decision made facing my darkest moment last fall, this vital choice to no longer mess around, but to truly and deeply and profoundly accept and respect myself, to make sure I’ll never have to face these demons unprotectedly, finally truly valuing this life I’ve been given – and the urge to make it count.
Grateful for everything that I see in people, things that at times they might still struggle to believe themselves. How despite all pain and poison I could always feel his heart.
I’m grateful for letters in the mail, words written straight from the heart, touching me in the deepest way, getting me to tears. Grateful for reading your stories and for not even really realizing the impact my work actually can have on someone’s life.
I’m grateful for being this facilitator that I am, for the ability to ask the right question and open up a free and safe place for the other person to explore themself and find answers within. For becoming more and more aware of usually unconscious thoughts and behavior patterns, and that being aware is always the first and most important step.

Grateful for a few hours with my baby brother, how much I can learn from him, how he loves Spanish just as much as I do and that he reminds me to practice it again.
Grateful for a fully cleaned apartment and how it freshens up my mind, for gigantic salads & PB out of the jar. #jjgratitudebook

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