Page 19 of 365 – This Mission Being Everything


I‘m grateful for Lana del Rey melodies throwing me back to days spent writing love poems and drowning in emotion, when I lost my heart to find myself. When the world stopped for nights and I started finding my art. And this old never-supposed-to-be-romance turning into the most natural friendship, eye to eye. Accepting the roles we play in these lifetimes.

I’m grateful for genuine compliments and goosebumps truths, stars aligning, for another wish coming true, another 2018 stone starting to roll, a beautiful opportunity opening up and how excited I am about this adventure coming soon. A dream manifesting 🌍
Grateful for seeing my dear @luiseliebt again, petting @pennymops and receiving the most amazing birthday gift, that I’m so excited to dive into 📖
For sudden gratitude rushes putting tears in my eyes and smiles on my lips. For where I am today. Having survived. Overcome. Grown. Arrived. Awaken ✨ .
For this mission being everything, my hearts deepest desire, my soul‘s calling, my true purpose. For that I chose this trajectory, realized my fate.
For @lindaboese arriving safe back home after this hurricane craziness yesterday – even though I already miss her so much.
For how doing good just feels good, how we are simply made to connect, to find yourself in me and myself in you, for how overcoming this illusion of separateness that we agree to as humans is deeply healing us in the most beautiful way. For opening up to my hidden potentials, those laying at the edge of our fears, far beyond those comfort zones, installing the purest faith, empowering us to choose self respect over destruction,courage through fear.

I‘m grateful for seasons, for enjoying this winter, knowing spring will always come and having sacred sunshine in my heart anyways these days. For train rides to hamburg, walking through the icy cold, grateful for the warmth of home. For our desperate moments being these viral invitations to make the tiny steps turning out to be the most important ones. For the down times that get us to the core of our being, down to our knees to devote ourself to the path we chose to embark on. #jjgratitudebook // .
📸 @justinnewmann

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