Page 18 of 365 – Light Shining Through The Cracks


For how much time has passed without any panic attacks or major anxiety, for how I manage to keep those frequencies high, for living so much again, out of love, for love, in love, to love.
Grateful for universal truths sinking deep into my subconscious mind, or rather, actually remembering. On the deepest level. Knowing. Realizing my healing power, my senses beyond the human form. For souls meeting me in their dreams, you reading these texts and allowing me into your life. Us healing together, connection. Community. Grateful for how much I had forgotten before being birthed into this lifetime, for how much I put on my plate, for the challenges I chose to add to the story for Jil, for the pain that shaped me, crushed me, broke me into a million pieces, the light that started shining through the cracks.
I’m grateful for my hypersensitivity. For how much I genuinely care. And how the outside world gets a little bit overwhelming at times after all these months not feeling fully alive. Stuck in depression and fear and pain, in self destructing thoughts, numbness and self inflicted horror.
For my body, my legs moving, my lungs filling with air, this beating heart in my chest, my eyes allowing me to see, for talking and laughing but especially listening, mind at peace and just present.
I’m grateful for feeling souls behind all walls and masks. Granting acceptance.
I’m grateful for dessert in bed, for taking some time off work tonight before another full day tomorrow.
For how we truly heal when we choose to love ourselves. To finally make that decision. Allow ourselves to be well. Remove the blocks.
I’m grateful for things working out in the end, somehow, and everything that kind of didn’t, and how it’s just not a problem at all, how less stressed I am by craziness, no attachment, more trust.
For grace and fascination. For friendship. Beautiful freaking friendship. For revival and invigoration. Devotion. Feeling this deep need, this urge to help. To do good. And for the ways I’ll find to do so.

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