Page 17 of 365 – Strong Women & Courageous Men


I’m grateful for strong women, soft but free, for skin in every color, courageous men, love in every shape or form. I’m grateful for art and words and letters, emotions expressed in alliterations. For pictures that speak to you. For beautiful rebellion and shedding light on dirty lies.

I’m grateful big snow flakes that vanished way too soon, for a walk with @lindaboeseafter a long productive home office day, steamed broccoli and way too much ginger tea, for things always finding their way and me more and more peace. I’mgrateful for this new moon in Capricorn bringing so much earthy grounding energy but maybe also the push we need to turn ideas into plans, overhaul intentions and raise the standards we set.

I’m grateful for things moving in all the right directions, for being able to take all these beautiful opportunities coming my way, for feeling strong and stable enough to attend events, take job offers and get so much work done, for shielding myself and learning to protect my energy. Grateful for exciting things coming, for more deep connections, this year being all about real bonds.
I’m so grateful for people speaking up about that’s important, who don’t shy away, who stand up for what they believe in. I’m grateful for a special friendship opening up like a rose, trust built on loyal honesty. For simply knowing without too many words, promises made through loud actions and words of appreciation, for memories I carry in my heart and those that will find their way into my perceived reality, grateful for allowing myself to heal, for believing I deserve, for love illuminating the way and eliminating all fears.
I’m grateful for sinking deeper into my mission, clearer and clearer about my vision,aligning my actions and words with beliefs and the truth I experienced, guided by angels and goosebumps, mind trusting heart and body forgiving. I’m grateful for the last evening with @lindaboese, for how much I’ll miss her playing jukebox and being just this crazy amazing friend.

I’m grateful for you reading these texts. Seriously, thank you so much. I love you. #jjgratitudebook .

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