Page 16 of 365 – A Real Inner Shift


I‘m grateful for being safe back home after quite a turbulent berlin trip, for winding down, candlelight and ‘devil wears prada’ being the perfect movie after fashion week craziness, for a huge dinner salad to fuel my cells, grateful for matcha mint tea to wake me up this morning after just a few hours of sleep, Linda and I staying so positive while things got a bit crazy, for taking care of each other, honest appreciation and so many funny moments. I’m grateful for creating together, for getting lots of work done in between car towing, photoshoots and trying to plan the next few weeks, upcoming projects and jobs.

I’m grateful for Marina and Philly being such sweethearts, for humanness and kind hearts, for looking at the stars in front of my house back home, now laying in my cozy bed, much sooner than expected but would not wish it any other way.

Grateful that there are people who are successful AND down to earth + kind, who ask for your name and not your follower count, who won’t put themselves above you for whatever reason, who’ll show real appreciation, who put their real personality out there and not a staged mask, who have passion and honest drive, I’m grateful for successes and yeses, for how much I love assisting others, smoothing their work processes, a “talent” I’ve never been very aware of but kinda found last year while working with Julie.

To this day more than grateful for that time in LA, the sunsets and dreams coming true – and so very grateful for being back again soon! And all the other beautiful places I got and get to see… I’m grateful and still so surprised by how fast I’m gaining strength right now, how much my trust and capability are increasing, how profoundly I’m healing. Freeing myself. On every level, not an illusionary high but a real inner shift. The spiritual awakening and increasing awareness I’ve been feeling is sinking into my subconscious, universal truths of oneness and unconditional love quieting the torturous shatter, healing my mind and heart, creating a more safe and nurturing environment for my soul


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