Page 15 of 365 – Fashion Week Fassades


I‘m so grateful for moments of deep joy today, driving to Berlin with Linda, pinching me while walking through these sunny streets, picking up a stunning dress from @dawidtomaszewski, getting a behind the scenes look of a designer’s atelier, for manifested parking spots and all the funny moments, inside jokes and happy laughs! 
For that things just flow when we are together, for deep green smoothies and ginger shots at my fave food place here. I’m grateful for seeing @marinathemoss again, her honest appreciation, her caring heart and playful nature. For tears in her eyes opening a little gift I brought, for getting ready together, photoshoot action in her apartment, singing in the car on the way to the show and a beautiful dinner with spring rolls and sushi afterwards.
I’m grateful for stepping into this crazy world of fashion shows and who is who with distance and perspective, for knowing my place, my mission and that this might be fun for a short while – but has definitely no real place in my life.

I’m grateful for the invitations, for exploring some foreign territory, leaving comfort zones and challenging myself. For meeting some people I got to know through my work, that I haven’t seen in a while – people that actually care about you and don’t react weird when you greet them. For people who stay grounded in this business, who take time to say hi, who show decency and who value character more than follower counts or designer bags.
I’m grateful for being only strengthened in my personal ambitions and pursuit of truthfulness, the deepened wish to create real inspiration, shine light on topics that matter, to raise awareness for mindfulness and compassion and equality and community and sustainability and charity and the importance of self love, to take all that I do even further this year. I’m grateful for ideas taking form only proving that we truly are co creators of this very reality.
I‘m so grateful that my dreams and goals are laying so very far away from this world. For realizing how much I’ve grown to see the sad truths behind many perfected facades. #jjgratitudebook

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