Page 14 of 365 – Vibing So Very High


I’m grateful for all this motion. For things taking off. For these first two weeks of 2018 ⭐️ Two weeks that were so full of magic, of manifestations, of you and me. Of connection and connecting. And knowing and getting to know. Of deep talks and deeper eyes 👁 No tumbling, no falling, no doubts, no regrets, no stagnation, no holding back. Full of dance and doing, turning dreams into plans, expressing and giving, striking roots to find grounding while vibing so very high ✨ .I’m grateful for sharing both tears and laughter with @lindaboese today, for grieving together, sending love to Kim 🕯
I’m grateful for watching the sun rising as a fire ball this morning, the clear blue sky all day and beautiful shades of pink and orange when the sun set at the horizon, the peaceful atmosphere in the icy cold outside ❄️ I’m grateful for taking it all in, the full experience, all these feels. For allowing pain, releasing guilt and forgiving, feeling grief like knives in my chest but knowing how important it is to feel in order to heal; for trusting and believing, for love – so damn much love. Grateful for visions taking form, wishes brought to fruition. All the love you’re pouring into messages and handwritten letters…
For ‘catch me if you can’ and the most delicious dessert dates.
For Berlin plans and so not stressing about how’s and who’s – knowing my why, no ego but us, for that we are one, all coming from one single source of energy, focused matter to experience this beautiful moment right here.

In bed with a smile, a beating heart and the gratitude, for what was, what is and what will be. Written words realizing even faster than ever imagined. Only deepening my mission to help you see, to remember and set free. I’m grateful for the moment you decide to take responsibility and pick yourself up again, for when we actually start caring for ourselves, listening to our hearts. Intuition and all. Tears in my eyes when I let it sink in, this very reality I’ve created, this inner home I’ve built. Started with nothing but a glimpse of hope – and here I am.

#jjgratitudebook /// SHIRT BY @veganveins 🐘♥️ #compassion

4 thoughts on “Page 14 of 365 – Vibing So Very High

  1. Sana says:

    Super schön geschrieben. Wir sind EINS, alle aus einer einzigen Energiequelle. Und das ist es, was mir bewusst wird. Dankbar zu sein für alles was um einen passiert und was nicht passiert. Man kann nicht allen gerecht werden und muss sich lieben lernen, egal ob es gerade einen Rückschritt gibt.
    Danke dir für die Inspiration.

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