Page 13 of 365 – (He)art Connections


I’m grateful for this beautiful day with @lindaboese, our friendship that unfolded so effortlessly and naturally over the last year, for the honesty, loyalty and trust this bond is based on. For the fun we have. The laughs. The genuine appreciation and support. For how well we work together. For her drive and creativity. 
I’m grateful perfecting my ginger lemon tea, for receiving such a beautiful letter from @aurasdiary, that got me to tears, for the @almondblossomibiza memories it brought up within me. And with that all the intense but cleansing stages I went through last year. .

Grateful for sharing crazy stories, those you rarely ever talk about and then pausing for a moment to realize how much you’ve grown these past few years, how deeply you have forgiven, how far you’ve got. Once again becoming aware of how strong we truly are -even or maybe especially in our weakest moments. How close we are to the most wonderful awakening when all we perceive is pain and darkness. And new waves of trust flooding my body, love gently lifting even more weight of my heart. .
I’m grateful for the unmeasurable inexplicable connection I feel to my soul sister @kris_the_cat, her latest video and authenticity ♥️ I’m grateful for how everything just goes smoothly right now, for not being attached neither to this lightness and ease nor to old identities that once gave me shelter.
I’m grateful for car park fun with @aaronnight, another @mad_aboutjuicedate today, more ginger tea because #addicted, for last minute ideas, for lights and architecture and hamburg by night, ice cold wind and freedom. I’m grateful for art. Paintings that speak to me. Poetry that touch to my heart before I even finished reading, for being moved so deeply by words and brushstrokes, for shapes and forms and colors and eyes. For sinking into these artworks. New symbols revealing themselves.
For that spring will always come. And linear time is an illusion. And that this, these texts, me sharing my awakening with you, my healing, my remembering, my falling in love with life and love itself – that this goes beyond all that we can perceive or explain with words. #jjgratitudebook

Picture by Linda Böse. With Aaron Night.

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