Page 12 of 365 – I Love You’s and Breakthroughs

IMG_5550What a day. Seriously. FUCKING MAGIC.
I‘m grateful, so freaking grateful for this day. For this week. For the fear I’ve felt Sunday night looking at my planner for the next days. For being able to get everything done, not cancel anything and instead of being exhausted and worn out I feel…good. Alive. Vivacious. I am. I feel. I see. 
I’m grateful for fun castings in the morning, a long walk through cold morning hamburg, alll the signs I received today, the incredible amount of angel numbers guiding me through this intense day, so many magical things that happened, for happy tears and goosebumps, those goosebumps I feel when I hear truth. When I just know. When I recognize.

For dancing while waiting at the traffic lights, for laughing till my belly hurt, for realizations and breakthroughs. For entering a new phase, feeling ready to start tackling a topic that I haven’t worked through yet, for seeing how everything happened exactly the way it did for me to have this conversation with @happy_detox_kat today, having grown so much, being receptive for all the things I learned, feeling strong enough to do the work needed in order to heal this aspect of my life and knowing how much it will impact my path even more.

I‘m grateful for choosing all of it. Everything that happened to me. The pain, the trauma, the abuse. For knowing that I put this on the plan before being reincarnated in this body. For agreeing to forget to make the most of the human experience. To awaken. To heal through the pain. To crack and break. For feeling this immense power. This mission.
I‘m grateful for I love you‘s that come from the deepest purest place. For promising to stay forever. I‘m grateful for saying yes and just doing. For all these epic things planned. .

I‘m grateful for a beautiful phone call with Thuy who was in my room at vipassana… all the beautiful things she told me 😭 Grateful for @lindaboese visiting me at my place for the first time, how she never fails to make me laugh, how she listens to all my crazy stories. I‘m grateful for the epic news that I’ll see my sister @kris_the_cat so so soon.
Thank you universe. Just thank you. #jjgratitudebook

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