Page 11 of 365 – Spiritual Beings, You & Me


I’m grateful for the freedom we allow when we realize that we in fact are co creators. That we do have a choice. That we can shift our perspective and redefine our experience. The freedom I’m creating for myself. The freedom of no longer being controlled by fear, no longer living in a state of mind hell, of waking up without despair and pain.

I’m grateful for not having to fight suicidal thoughts all the time. I’m grateful for feeling this deep sense of purpose within me, this urge to give. To help. To make positive change happen. To help those in need. To give hope to people suffering, feeling lost or struggling to get through the day, to share my story and shine light on topics that are so common yet so hushed up. Not for me, not for gaining anything from it. But only from a place of love. Because I care. Because I realize that i have a mission here. Because I know why I went through everything, why I experienced these things, because I chose it. I’m grateful for seeing clearer and clearer why things happen the way they do, how it’s all connected, for remembering all the things we agree to before coming here, before being born in this human body. Spiritual beings, you and me ✨
I‘m grateful for this ascension energy, for feeling my subconscious mind slowly being reprogrammed, for kinda feeling like superwoman juggling all of today’s to do‘s, therapy and work, and still managing to join @lindaboese for her apartment viewing in Hamburg.

I‘m grateful for pulling myself together after seeing my psychologist, for sticking to my visualization & meditation routine, for walking so much these days but also for car sharing services because I needed one to run some errands today that I couldn’t do by foot. I‘m grateful for gaining confidence back in every day life stuff, anxiety fading, paralysis dissolving.

I‘m so grateful for being able to talk to so many of you, read your personal stories and help wherever I can – so grateful and excited for lots of beautiful things planned that will hopefully expand that. Grateful for you taking the time to read these entries, for all your sweet words but also the silent readers. ILY! #jjgratitudebook

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